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#5733: Why do I have to buy them FIVE POUNDS AT A TIME?

I need 1" chlorine tablets for the pool. I went to three stores to find them. Stores 1 and 2 had them in buckets for $25. You use one or two of these things at a time, and I don't foresee needing more than a couple pounds' worth of chlorine tablets for the rest of the summer, not for a 1,000 gallon pool.

I've already bought a quart of algacide and a quart of pH reducer. These chemicals are concentrated enough that for my little pool, I use them by the teaspoon. I probably have a 5-year supply of them, now.

Finally found a small container of 1" tablets for $20 with tax. I might as well have bought the friggin' bucket, at that price, but by then I was so tired I just wanted to go home. Shit.

Still can't find filters. It's an Intex type H filter, and it looks like the going rate on-line is $19 in 6-packs. Probably go that way since the filter in the pool is getting gummed up already, after a mere 11 days. I take it out, I rinse it in the sink, I put it back in, and everything works fine for another day, but a new filter would probably be best now that most of the rust has precipitated out.

But! It's so nice to have the option of taking a dip, why worry? We just need to have some weather which is actually hot in which to use it.

And believe me, it's coming. If the forecast holds we might have swimming weather next week. Perhaps by then I'll have the pool chemistry adjustered and fiddleated into something approximating correct.

* * *

Well, it's evening now. The sky did finally cloud over, but it's cool and dry and I can't complain about that.

* * *

None of the lamps in the house, save the ones Mrs. Fungus brought with when she moved in, have decent shades on them. Reason? Mom smoked two packs a day, that's why.

The walls haven't been painted since 1982. The carpeting in the family room was new in 1988. The entire place is dingy with smoke residue. I took down a mirror in the computer room and was shocked at just how bad the problem actually is: the walls were originally yellow, and look beige:

Left side uncovered, right side covered--and I didn't realize just how bad it was until I saw that. (The light is not very good. Trust me, it's yellow.)

So imagine a nice, white lampshade being placed in an environment where that is happening to the walls. What do you think happens to that lampshade?

Oh yeah, it gets dingy. And then when you put a 100W equivalent LED bulb behind that lampshade, it just sucks up the light.

Today I assembled a new lamp bought yesterday, and placed it in the same place one of the old lamps had stood. Same LED bulb, twice the friggin' light makes it out into the room. The difference is amazing.

The bunker will never grace the cover of Architectural Digest but we keep it reasonably clean. I vacuum at least once a week, clean the bathroom about every other week, clean the kitchen at least twice a week, and in general keep the place as tidy as I can considering how busy we are. But no matter how much you clean, with that kind of crap on the walls, the place is going to look pretty dirty. It's gonna take painting to fix that.

Well, we'll get there, I suppose.

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