atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5734: Well, Pandora works again

Turns out that in Pale Moon you can individually clear any cache data that sites are allowed to store on the machine. Cleared the stored data for Pandora, logged in again, and now it's playing via Pale Moon for the first time in months.

I don't know if it's working 100%, but it's better than it was. Sometimes it'll hang when I try to skip a track, and keep playing the track I want to skip.

I was trying to find a way to fix the problem with the comics web site coughing up dicks and saying "the connection has been reset" for 20+ minutes. That's probably still forthcoming.

* * *

Friday was pretty much a bust. I didn't get anything done, not really, but I did get the lamp built and put in the family room, and I hung the new picture over the fireplace. The rest of my day was consumed with trying to get chemicals and filters for the pool.

Mrs. Fungus got a poster print from Rick and Morty and had it framed. It looks fantastic over the fireplace. It replaces an autumn river scene, an old painting that used to hang in the front hall, and that painting was in fact moved over the fireplace when my sister took the seascape that had been painted by my grandfather.

So, Saturday I want to try to accomplish the things I couldn't do Friday and get the grass cut. And if I'm going to have the energy for that nonsense I'd better get to bed.

It's a full life if you don't weaken, I suppose.

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