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Well, that's the end of Doctor Who. They've gone and decided that Time Lords are gender-fluid aliens, and it's only due to sexism that he hasn't been a she before.

The Christopher Eccleston episodes were good. The David Tennant eps were fantastic. I mean, it was just like the classic series, only with a budget! After that, though, the series went downhill fast. I think I watched one or two eps with Matt Smith, and even the fact that Karen Gillan was his companion wasn't enough to keep me watching.

In fact, I think it was Amy Pond's attempt to have sex with the Doctor that turned me off the series. That was when it went off the rails, and the rest of it--including this latest nonsense--is pretty much just distributing the train wreck across the countryside.

Vox Day opined, in a reply to a comment, "It will be bad. It doesn't matter how good the actress is. It will be political, it will be bad, and after an initial burst of fake enthusiasm, viewership will decline."

It will be bad.

But there's literal decades of good Doctor Who, and I have yet to watch the box set of "Key of Time" eps my wife gave me for Christmas. We'll get there.

* * *

Its qualifications include once being an Olympic gold medalist, and having had breast implants. Oh, and having once been married to Kris Kardashian.

Jenner's qualifications for the Senate are pretty slim, but they're not any worse than Al Franken's were, and he's been a Senator from George Soros Minnesota for years now.

* * *

Chicago works the way every other Democrat machine city works. Graft, corruption, and so on.

The article mentions that Chicago became known as "the city that works" because of some fawning nonsense written by a reporter in the Daley Machine years (elder Daley, that is). "Works" is meant in the sense of "functions", not "labors".

That's how the City of Chicago, and the Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan function: graft, corruption, bribery, influence trading. Nothing honest about it.

* * *

So, ran a test on the pool. Chlorine is low, so I added a couple more tablets to the floating frog, and the water is stll too alkaline, so I put in another tablespoon of pH reducer. Later I'll re-test and add the weekly dose of algaecide. Otherwise, though, the chemistry seems spot on. Mrs. Fungus ordered a 6-pack of new filters.

...just in time for me to add water to the thing. *sigh* But I won't need to shock it again, just adjust for the added water. That won't cause too much trouble.

* * *

Just realized that I haven't eaten anything today.

One of the biggest benefits of cutting all extraneous carbs from my diet has been the reduction of episodes of hypoglycemia. I'm not carb-free; I simply watch what carbs I shove into my piehole and try to avoid simple sugars as much as I can.

Good dessert: Target's "Peanut Butter Monster" trail mix

Bad dessert: anything made purely of sugar

The former has simple sugars in it (in chocolate, in raisins, etc) but it's mostly peanuts and the like, and not composed solely of sugars the way candies like Skittles or Smarties or SweeTarts or-or-or are made. I mean, eating a small handful of Skittles is exactly the same as going to the sugar jar and dumping half a cup of sugar into your mouth. It's nutritionally equivalent, and just as bad for you.

I still get hypoglycemic from time to time, but for the most part that happens when I eat something made of sugar (or, worse, high fructose corn syrup). As long as I keep the sugar out of my piehole, I'm fine.

The hell of it is, if the pure-sugar sweets are there, I'll eat them, which is why I've asked my wife not to buy candy like that. I can have a Snickers bar without any trouble, but even that little handful of Smarties is enough to upset my metabolism for a week afterward. And I don't miss the pure sugar stuff when it's not here.

Heck, give me that bucket of Peanut Butter Monster, and that's all the sweets I really need. I'd like it even better if they left out the M&Ms and the little peanut butter cups, and substituted more raisins.

* * *

Here's the problem Illinois has. Taxation and mismanagement is driving people to leave the state. It causes problems for homeowners there. It's going to be a long time before housing values recover.

The market is going great guns in rich areas, but in middle-class areas (such as the Fungal Vale) it's a lot more stagnant. Best estimate for a home on the market here is 150-odd days before selling--five months--and during those five months you still have to pay things like property tax and utilities for the house you haven't sold.

It's even worse if you bought a house before 2009 when prices were at their highest; you may still owe more on the mortgage than the house is worth! Even if you sell the house for what the market will bear, you end up still owing more money to the bank--and since you no longer own the collateral, they'll seek to collect on that debt ASAP.

That sort of issue is what's behind people deciding on a "strategic default", where they deliberately stop paying the mortgage so the bank will foreclose. The credit hit is easier than paying off the outsized mortgage. And in fact there have been cases reported where the bank in question has too many foreclosed properties already, and is reluctant to foreclose on yet another!

The mess from the housing bubble hasn't finished unwinding yet. Illinois makes its row harder to hoe by doing all the stupid crap they've been doing.

* * *

Tonight begins the penultimate season of Game of Thrones. It's going to be a handful of episodes long--six or eight, something like that--and then next year we'll get the last season, and hopefully a decent ending to the story that doesn't involve everyone dying or all the bad guys winning. Martin himself says that the ending of the series is positive, but not universally; if so, I can live with that. Absolute victories are few and far between, and as long as enough of the bad guys get what's coming to them--the worst of the bad guys--then it'll do.

Ramsay Bolton meeting his Waterloo last season was a very, very good start.

* * *

So, researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that homosexuality is not genetic, and in fact may not be present at birth. I'm hearing tell that the LGBTWTFBBQ community has lost its shit over this finding.

What do they lose if it turns out to be a choice? I mean, they have big parades showing their pride in being gay, so what's wrong? If you're proud of being gay, how does the fact that it's neither genetic nor congenital affect you? ("Congenital" is, by the way, my own suspicion. They're born that way, they can't help it, but it's not genetic. It's something that happens during gestation, cause currently unknown.)

Nobody is going to have re-education camps for gay people, because the people who fucking love concentration camps are all on the gays' side. Even if there were a massive shift in public opinion, the right-wing typically has too much respect for individual rights. And anyway, homosexuals comprise about 5% of the population, transsexuals even less; given that massive shift, even in an environment where the openly gay are persecuted, they'd be able to go safely underground again. (They shouldn't have to, but they could if necessary.)

Absent sharia being enacted in the US, I don't see it happening.

* * *

Messages from a different America. An America where it wasn't bad to be a capitalist who wanted to exploit natural resources and make energy cheap. How I miss that America.

* * *

Man, it's cool today. I finally opened the windows.

...sadly I did not get any more attic work done. When I woke up today it was to overall fatigue far beyond the norm. I know what did it--working in the attic yesterday--and I'm pleased to report that I am merely tired, not achy and stiff. I think I'm starting to get used to physical activity again, a major plus after spending 19 months chained to a telephone. And to think it only took me (counts on fingers) (one, two, three, four, five) five months!

Despite that I did the usual weekend cleaning--cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed--and then settled down to write a blog post. I've been fiddling around so it wasn't a straight A-to-Z "write the blog post!" thing, either, but that's all right.

And if I had any energy, I'd go cut the grass or ride my motorcycle. I don't even have the gumption for that right now. *sigh*

Well, tomorrow's another day.

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