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#5742: You've got to be kidding me.

More about the Australian woman shot and killed by police after she called 911 to report a crime.

Woman was talking to police, standing outside the driver's side door of the police car, when the cop in the passenger seat opened fire, shooting her through the door.


She wasn't armed. She did have her cell phone. She was outside the car. So far no one has said she was acting violent or abusive. No weapons were found at the scene.

I suppose I could be like all the Black Lives Matter people and simply chalk it up to racism--the cop that shot the white woman was a black man--but of course we'll never know the real reason the guy up and shot her since the body cameras and the car camera were conveniently "not recording" the encounter.

It does not, however, seem reasonable that the officer feared for his life, certainly not enough to shoot from inside the car without warning.

Understanding that there's no details right now, here's how I think it played out: the police car rolled up to the scene, the victim approached the car, perhaps at a jog or run with cellphone in hand, and this dink opened fire in blind panic. But I'd bet a fiver that story, if true, will never be told.

* * *

Study claims no-calorie sweeteners cause obesity. That is bullshit.

Karl Denninger makes the point, correctly, that because none of the studies controlled for total carbohydrate intake, the conclusion is faulty.

As he points out:
Now if you can find me a study that leaves the participants diets alone except for substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar in, say, drinks on a provable basis and then checks directly for insulin resistance changes I'm interested. This of course would be truly surprising as an outcome because if you substitute two cans of sugared Coke a day for Diet Coke and make no other changes in what you eat or drink you're 300 calories net negative a day which is enough to lose half a pound a week.
Emphasis removed.

In my own case, I changed nothing about my diet except for removing all sugared soda from it...and promptly began to lose weight. Going from drinking sugar water to drinking aspartame water did not make me fat.

But if you're told to lose weight, and you follow the nutrition advice to cut out fat, and you start drinking diet soda, you're going to end up getting fatter because you still need to eat, and cutting fat from your diet leaves only protein and carbohydrates--and you'll eat more calories, because fat is what shuts off your hunger reflex fastest, and because they'll largely be carbohydrates the glycemic index will skyrocket, prompting more insulin production, meaning you'll put on weight and possibly become diabetic. And you'll be constantly hungry to boot, taxing your willpower.

On the other hand, if you cut out simple sugars, and limit your carb intake, and leave the fat in your diet, you'll find it doesn't really take all that much willpower to lose weight--the hard part is to cut carb consumption as much as possible, to the bone if you can do it, so as to force your body to metabolize fat instead.

Scientific research which does not (or cannot) control for all important variables is no better than voodoo.

* * *

End of the world postponed 150 years. Because global warming didn't wreck the world in 2018, the previously-predicted year it would happen, the new date for the climate apocalypse is now 2168, which should be a comfortably long time after the doomsayers predicting it are dead.

* * *

A huge ball of fire emitting deadly radiation!


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