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#5744: Well, that's as far as THAT one goes for a while.

My formerly-clean garage is full of junk. *cries* On the plus side, when I stick my head up into the attic, I can see all the way to the south end of the house now. There is still a great deal of junk up there, but I simply have no place to put it at the moment.

I'm hoping to make a recycling run tomorrow; that'll give me a little floor space back. I'm out of trash bags, though. I intend to use some of the money from the recycling to buy more. Thursday night is garbage night, and so I'll be able to fill the "off" trash barrel on Friday and get more space back.

I didn't remember I wanted to call the landfill people until after their business hours, so I'll do that tomorrow. But thinking about the cleanout crew that we hired to get the junk out of Dad's house, I recall the guy saying that they try to donate as much as they can and they "don't just take it all to the dump", so I'd bet I can do this. But that won't be happening before Monday or Tuesday of next week. And that'll actually be fun, filling the trailer and securing the load and hauling it away. If I can do it.

Otherwise, I may just get a dumpster. That will naturally cost more, but it's within reason, I think, considering the sheer volume of useless crap I have to dispose of.

After I cut the grass this weekend I'm going to sort the "review" pile and then move it east of where I store the tractor. Winnow out the stuff which really isn't worth keeping after all, and stack it the remainder away from the front of the garage, until it can be removed one way or another.

I'll tell you what, though: if I find out I can take this crap directly to the dump, I'm going to have a fun day doing it. All that scrap wood, all those old clothes, whatever I find that is nothign but trash. (Actually, it'd probably be just about as much fun if I got a dumpster, but without the trailer. I kind of like that part.)


I found a Canadian penny, vintage 1894. It's worth about $19. That'll go in my coin collection.

I found a handful of books, all which look to have been published before the turn of the last century. One is written in German, which tells me these books came from my maternal grandparents' house. Not in great shape but their age makes them worth keeping, I think.

I found some dishes, some glassware, some other miscellanious household goods which weren't broken. No sets, just a handful of plates, cups, etc.

A few old scales, still working.

A couple of hanging light fixtures. Cleaned up, with new sockets and wiring they could be used anywhere you wanted antiquey lighting.

...but again, to get those little tidbits, I had to bring down a lot of pure trash. Box after box of old magazines, moth-eaten, mouse-ridden, worthless. More clothes. Miscellanious junk. 1970s vintage soda bottles, none of which is worth anything.

For the most part, the value of much of what I brought down from the attic is eclipsed by the boxes that contain it. A bunch of antique crates, proudly boasting their brands, like "PRATT AND LAMBERT PAINTS AND VARNISHES" or what-have-you, all from before the paint store went under. Back when stuff was shipped in sturdy wooden crates and the crates were stenciled or embossed. The crates, at least, are probably worth a few shekels. Ebay suggests $20-$30-$40 apiece depending on the quality of the labeling and whether or not the crates sustained any damage, either prior to being put in the attic, or because of leaking contents or what-have-you.

Well, enough of that.

* * *

Navy has a frickin' laser! It can shoot stuff down for about a dollar a shot. How economical!

* * *

Movie about Dunkirk doesn't have enough minorities or women in it to satisfy SJWs. Of course, in WW2, women didn't serve in combat, and England was pretty much all white, so if you're going to tell the story without all kinds of stupid SJW revisionism, guess what happens?

* * *

Yet another car no one wants to buy. The Chevy Bolt is an electric car with a 200-mile range, and GM has managed to sell 7,500 of them this year--but the sales channel is crammed with about 100 days' worth of inventory and it's not likely that more Bolts will need to be built to satisfy the demand for them through the end of the model year.

Incidentally, the Bolt costs $35,000. Glack.

* * *

Well, Mrs. Fungus came home from work and wanted ice cream, so we went to the local ice cream shack. Ran into a friend from church, and we chatted a bit. Turns out our chuch has a new pastor, a female one. Oh, boy.

* * *

And now that I've finished my ice cream and have cooled down from my hard work, I believe I'll take a shower. Or make dinner. One of those two.

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