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#5748: I can already see how this is going to go.

So, this morning, as I was trying to get back to sleep, Maki crawled under my chin and curled up next to me, in the nook by my neck. He tried grooming my beard for me, but desisted after I stopped his third attempt. And we slept like that.

Fast forward nine months, and I know he's going to still be trying to do that, and not understanding why Daddy does not want ten pounds of adult cat in his face....

And I'm powerless to stop it. *sigh*

* * *

Olive Garden! Olive Garden! Olive Garden! Olive Garden! Olive! Olive! Olive! Olive! Garden! Garden! Garden! Garden!

When someone is talking about your food (and it sounds as if the guy was speaking positively about it) you take the free advertising and move on. What you don't do is tell the guy to cease and desist, because it makes your corporation look like a bunch of jackbooted thugs, which tends to discourage people from visiting your restaurants.

Exactly the way I intend to. There are other Italian restaurants around the Fungal Vale; I don't need the O.G. to get my alfredo fix.

* * *

Asking the criminals to pretty please not shoot anyone for a few days because making it, you know, illegal hasn't seemed to have helped much.

I find it risible that this is the best thing they can think of.

* * *

Fred Reed is usually cogent and wise with his commentary, but sometimes he misses the mark by quite a piece, and this is once of those cases.

Trump does not want to expel all hispanics in the United States. What Trump wants is an end to illegal immigration. He is not "...openly hostile to some 43 million American citizens," but hostile to people who are here illegally.

That's always what the open-borders lobby does, though: they conflate a desire to end illegal immigration and deport illegal aliens with racism.

Then there's this:
Let’s take a quick look at some numbers. Census figures show 57 million Latinos in the US. Perhaps 12 millions of them being illegal. Trump promised to get rid of the illegals in two years, which would require deporting 500,000 a month for 24 months. He is way behind. He could also deport 125,000 a month for eight years. Do you see anything resembling this? If he deports 10,000 a month for eight years, it will come to a bit under a million–less than two percent of the Latino population.
The way to get illegals out of the country is not to round them up and deport them. You do that for people who simply will not leave regardless. What you do is to set up economic conditions where the benefits of staying here are vastly outweighed by the benefits of returning home.

You do that a small handful of ways.

First: you cut off demand for illegal labor. You do that by, oh, actually enforcing labor laws, so that businesses which hire illegal labor end up punished for doing so. Businesses will stop using illegal labor, you see, and the money luring illegal aliens over the border will dry up.

Second: you cut off supply of benefits to illegals. Again, simply enforcing the law ought to be enough; when they can't come here and get housing assistance and food stamps and other government handouts, they won't come. The ones here will go back to where they came from.

Third: you require all government business to be conducted in English. Someone has to understand English so that the government doesn't. You can bring in your daughter who's fluent in it and she can translate for you, but the government won't print anything in other languages except English and its functionaries are required to speak English during the course of their duties. (What they do in their off hours is their business.)

Do these three things and you won't have to round up "125,000 people a month for eight years"; as I said all you'll have to do is round up the stragglers. They won't come here in the first place because there won't be any incentive for them to, and the ones already here will leave of their own accord.

That's all it takes.

No amnesty, no wall, no mass deportations. Simply enforce the law and the problem ends.

* * *

$65,000 includes a lot of profit for the contractor. Government has no incentive to save money, which is why a guy can build a set of stairs for one percent of what a government contractor can.

* * *

A fool is lucky to escape with his life. Film crew robbed at gunpoint. No security: he didn't think they needed it, because they'd filmed without trouble during daytime.

Strange how men with guns make all the difference, eh? What a shame that the carry laws are so strict in California. The robbers don't seem to have worried much about them, but they sure kept you law-abiding guys from being armed, and therefore easy prey, eh?

* * *

As I said before, he's at least as qualified to be a Senator as the horse from George Soros the Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken.

Go go Kid Rock! I don't care for his music, but WTF, he's no worse than anyone else in that shitshow.

* * *

A few eagles dead because of lead shot is an emergency. A bunch of eagles dead because of windmills is nothing to worry about. The hypocrisy of environmentalism, on display.

Related: I'm not going into the whole ozone hole rant here again.

Nope. Just this picture:

* * *

My only real question to this article is: does the state change happen instantaneously? That is, does it ignore speed-of-light delay, or is it relativistic?

* * *


* * *

I am not kidding, it was f-ing hot last night. At bedtime the temperature was upper 70s and the dew point was exactly the same. It was a friggin' steam bath out there. I sweated through two shirts while circling the house with a flashlight, trying to find a kitten sleeping indoors. *sigh*

When we arrived in Cedar Rapids Wednesday night--later than we'd planned--the first thing we did was get some dinner. We hit the Perkins on Collins Road (advantage: open 24 hours) and ate, then got to our hotel and checked in by 11:30, so we had half an hour in the pool before bedtime. Actually, no one shooed us out at midnight, so we had nearly forty-five minutes in the pool.

The air conditioning at the restaurant was set on "meat locker", and when we got to our room the AC there was set on "meat locker". Well, Duane Arnold Nuclear is right up the road from CR--their power is nuclear!--and there's none of that "renewable" horseshit going on out that way. Power's cheaper there as a result.

Two hours later--Mrs. Fungus went to work stinkinously early so she could leave work early, and we could get on the road by 4; we didn't hit the road until 6 because all kinds of horseshit cropped up, and she didn't get out of work when she wanted to. She needed a nap when she got home.

The Jeep did admirably. My daily commute to the shithole left me with the impression that a 240-mile trip would not be a problem, and I was right. There was a little weirdness, where it was kind of shuddering a little bit, so when we stopped at Iowa 80 Truck Stop I checked the transmission fluid, but it was just fine: not low, good color, perfect smell.

I got to thinking that this truck has never had a new fuel filter, and that might be the reason for a little shuddering in extended high-speed operation; the fuel filter is inside the fuel tank, which makes replacing it a major operation.

And maybe it was just the AC compressor cycling on and off quickly. 165,000 miles on the thing; what do you expect?

...but I don't know if this truck has ever been driven for more than an hour or so at a time at speed. I mean, ever, in its entire life. Certainly that's the longest trip I've taken with it.

If I could just get the damned front end to stop shuddering it'd be fantastic.


Brunch was at Hardees. I had a Monster Burger, first one since...when? Having a Monster Burger in CR was livin' the dream, let me tell you. I missed that.

On our way from there to the breeder's house, I had to stop to let a wild turkey cross the road.

Mrs. Fungus was excited: We have to live here! Can we live here?

Me: Well, sure, if you want.

All the QuikTrip convenience stores are now Casey's. I didn't go into one so I don't know if you can still get a Double Quart from the soda fountains.

Yep, it's just what it sounds like: half a gallon of soda in a single massive cup. Or the QT equivalent of a Slurpee, if that's your bag. No wonder everyone out there is stocky-to-overweight.

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