atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5749: Whoa!

Today was the first time in quite a while that it was warm enough for us to have a dip in the pool.

We got into the thing and the water was warm, probably over 80°. I was skimming leaves and bugs out with the net and then I noticed that the pump didn't seem to be pumping. Held hand by outlet, nothing. Got out, went to the plug, which has a ground fault interrupter in it, and sure enough, it had tripped.

We had three power failures last night during the Not-Lost Kitten Debacle, so it could have tripped then; a couple of the tiki torches had been knocked over so it could have tripped during the blow that did that. Regardless, it had not been pumping; the water was a bit cloudy.

Mrs. Fungus opined that it was not pumping very well, so I rinsed the filter as well.

Anyway we spent a long luxurious time in the water, even so, because the test strip had said that very little has changed since we last used it or tested it. The chlorine was down, which I find mystifying since we have a float with chlorine tablets in it. I put in a bunch more tablets in the hope they'll bring the chlorine content up. The water is still too alkaline.

But I noticed that the pool is full. It looks as if it rained heavily while we were in Cedar Rapids; then it rained heavily again last night, with much lightning and thunder. And even as I write this there's much lightning and thunder going on, with more on the way.

Well--when you have sweltering hot summer days and nights, sometimes you have lots of thunderstorms.

And that is enough to cause our water quality difficulty, so I tossed the remainder of the bottle of shock in there (have to get another one) and then added some extra algaecide since I forgot to do that on Sunday.

Tomorrow I'll check it again, and try adding more pH reducer if necessary. It will probably be necessary, since I've barely managed to budge the pH so far.

...but the electrical storm is vivid enough that I wanted to watch it, so I went into the living room and opened the curtains. Pretty soon Mrs. Fungus came in, and after that all the cats came in there.

So one cell had already gone past, lightning flickering to the east, and another was nearly here, flickering to the west. Half an hour later, it's still like that, and the weather radar shows this stuff is going to go on for a while.

Well, no matter, I suppose. The power remained on the entire time until just now, when it went off for about ten seconds. Mrs. Fungus is watching TV, and when the power failed, she said, "Ahh!" Because it takes rather a while for the cable box to reboot when the power goes out. Argh etc.

Maybe look into getting a UPS for that thing....

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