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#5750: Saturday??

That's right, today is Saturday. How did that happen?

Before our trip to Cedar Rapids, I did manage to find out what I needed to know regarding trash removal here at the bunker. It turns out that I don't need to take the trash all the way to the dump itself; I can haul it to a transfer station in Crestwood and pay $110 per ton for disposal.

After talking it over with Mrs. Fungus, we decided it would be more economical just to buy one of those $30 bag-dumpster-things and pay the $180 to have it picked up. That gets us three tons of junk, three cubic yards, for $210.

The trailer costs what, $30 to rent for a day. It can hold about half a ton. If I can fit everything into it without overloading it, that's around $100 all-in with taxes etc. But that's a big "if" considering that the garage floor is covered with junk and there's a ton more up there. The scrapwood alone is probably near three hundred pounds, and it's probably longer than the 8' length of the trailer. (What I didn't keep for my own use, that is, and assuming any of it is at all useful. I haven't even looked at it yet.)

And I find myself a little overwhelmed at how much junk is up there. I mean, I filled two trash barrels during the first four hours of work, and stacked trash bags during the other two sessions. It wasn't like that when I was cleaning the basement and the garage!

And none of this stuff has been disturbed for twenty years plus, and the only reason it was moved then was because Mom put down plywood in the attic! None of it is valuable. What I'd like to do is apply the "No one has needed it for X years, it's unlikely they'll ever need it!" rule and toss it all, but while I can't do that, I sure as hell can be selective about what gets kept.

...and being selective pulls aside perhaps twenty--more like fifteen--percent of the total volume up there. The vast majority of stuff that's come down has been sheer garbage, either due to the time spent up there in storage, or because it was never anything but.

So I've decided we're going with the Bagster (that's what they're called) and pay the freight for that. The tragic part is that while looking around on-line for the service I came across a company which does the pickup for $90, and you keep the bag! ...but of course they don't serve the Fungal Vale. *whimper*

That's a project for next week, though. Today is Saturday.

* * *

Yes, it is very sad, but he broke the friggin' law. If the guy had held up a liquor store, you wouldn't be seeing tear-jerker puff pieces about how he had tears in his eyes as the mean old cops hauled him off to jail.

I have a modicum of sympathy for his plight, but it all comes down to the fact that he was here illegally for nearly two decades, and in that time he made no effort to fix that. Especially after he got married! He had plenty of time to file the appropriate paperwork for citizenship, or legal residency, and he chose not to.

Sorry, but not sorry. You're welcome to come back legally if that's what you want, but you need to stand in line and file the paperwork and do all the rest of it, whether you like it or not.

This kind of shit drive me absolutely buggy. I don't care who you are or how hard you work or what your circumstances are. The law states that you can't just decide to come to America and take up residence without satisfying certain legal requirements, and if you do so anyway, you're here illegally and you are an illegal alien and you damn well ought to be subject to deportation.

* * *

Drug use is not solely a feature of the underclass. That's one of the things about drug use in the US: it's everywhere. For every addict who needs to rob a gas station to buy his next fix, there are probably several rich white recreational users. This is why prohibition is doomed to failure.

* * *

Yet more whining about the lack of politically correct anachronisms in Dunkirk. Besides, even if the writers had shoehorned in some minorities, completely against the historical record, these same asshats would still be complaining--because the movie contained no transgendered lesbians of color.

* * *

Related: Movies need warning labels.

* * *

Funny bit: we got Chinese last night, and I had Lucky 7 which is spicy. Maki was exploring my desk, and when he saw the food he came over to the dish and decided he'd sample it. He licked at a green pepper, then recoiled, shaking his head and flicking his tongue.

"That's too spicy for you," I said unnecessarily.

Well, he's got to learn somehow.

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