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#5751: That ended up being our day

Today we went to see Kiki's Delivery Service in the theater.

It's something one of the nearby theaters is doing, part of a larger program of bringing old favorites to the movies etc etc. Two days a month this summer, each month, they're running a Miyazaki/Ghibli film.

Next month is Castle in the Sky, which I can't wait to see on a big screen.

Anyway, showtime was 12:55, and we were there in plenty of time. The theater was not crowded. It was nothing like full. A few handfuls of people, mostly couples; I saw one set of parents with a couple kids in tow.

It was, of course, the dubbed version. They show the dub on Sunday and the subtitled version on Monday. Mrs. Fungus' schedule being what it is, we can't go on Monday (showtime is at 7 PM Monday) so this has to do. But it's the Disney dub, done with real actors who tried to do a good job, so at least there isn't a bunch of atrocious acting and horrendous mispronunciations of names.

And interestingly enough, this version has all the correct music. I have the Disney release of the movie on DVD, and it had English songs at beginning and end, as I recall; this version had the Japanese songs. Further, there were some places where the Disney version added music to otherwise silent scenes; I'm not entirely certain but I think that was absent in this version.

If the music was as it was in the Japanese version, and the only change was to dub voices in English, that would be perfectly acceptable to me. That's all I ask from a translation. Don't add anything, don't cut anything, change only that which is strictly unnecessary for the viewer to understand what's going on and what he's looking at; and for heaven's sake, if you're spending the money on actors for dubbing, make sure they can act, and have a translator on hand to help them pronounce the names right!

So, anyway, once done with that, we hit Burger King for some food and came home. It looks like Mrs. Fungus was getting ready to do some laundry, but she fell into the bed snare and didn't come out. After it had been suspiciously quiet for too long I went looking for her, and was also trapped.

Suddenly it was 5:42 and the weather radio was blaring an alarm: severe thunderstorm warning. The skies outside are ominously darkened and there's weather bearing down on us, and I'd bet that means none of the other tasks that I'd intended to accomplish today will be completed.

Well, could be worse, I suppose.

* * *

34th anniversary of the Gimli Glider incident. Canada had just gone 100% metric, so an airplane was loaded with X liters of fuel instead of X gallons. There are a bit less than four liters in a gallon. Jet airliner abruptly became glider mid-flight. No one died thanks to good design and good piloting.

One of the commentors says that the pilot "made a rookie mistake" because he didn't open the tank and look inside it to visually verify the fuel level before taking off. You cannot exactly hop up onto the wing of a 767 and make a visual inspection of the fuel level. There isn't a twist-lock gas cap up there like there is on a Cessna 152. Besides, airlines don't fill planes full of fuel for every flight; they put in just enough for the next trip. They do that because they don't want to waste fuel on carting unneeded fuel around. So even if the pilot could have made a visual inspection, it wouldn't have shown him anything useful, because it's routine for the tank to be only partly full.

And not to put too fine a point on it, the mistake was made by the ground crew. The plane needed a certain amount of fuel, and they put in a bit more than one quarter that amount. And when the numbers were entered into the flight computer, the right number went in; if it was, say, 34,000, the crew entered "34000" into the thing. It's just that the needed 34,000 gallons and got 34,000 liters instead. And you can't visually tell the difference between 34,000 gallons and 34,000 liters in a commercial aircraft which may have four or eight fuel tanks all over the damned place.

* * *

Two things from this popourri post caught my attention.

1) New Democrat slogan, what they came up with after everyone rejected "I mean, have you seen the other guys?" It's "A Better Deal". The whole thing is, "A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future."

As far as I'm concerned, it begs the questions: Better than what? And for whom?

2) I agree, this is a feature, not a bug:
Former head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said President Donald Trump's "rhetoric" has led to a decrease of "illegal migration on our southern border."

Trump has "scared off" a lot of illegal immigrants, Johnson told CNN's "New Day" morning program.

"Illegal migration on our southern border has gone down since this president has been in office," Johnson told CNN.
Johnson is treating all this as a tragedy and a bad thing. You see, here are the next couple paragraphs after those:
"Basically because, through his rhetoric he's scared off a lot of women and children in central America who would rather stay in their desperate circumstances or just migrate to Mexico and stop there," Johnson said.

Though Johnson worked for a president many called the "deporter-in-chief," he said Trump and his administration should bring more compassion to fighting illegal immigration.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but Johnson's statements are self-contradictory. The administration should bring more compassion to fighting illegal By allowing it? By not restricting it? By not talking tough about how illegal immigration is a problem for American citizens? By not enforcing the laws against it? Is that how Trump could "bring more compassion"?

It's fatuous crap, is what it is. The people who come to the United States from middle and south America are not living in "desperate situations" unless you call not being able to go to Starbuck's every day for a soy latte "desperate". They come here to make more money than they can where they live.

After literal decades of a government refusing to enforce its own laws against illegal immigration--and with its officials trying to find ways to let it happen without legalizing it, which would result in mass de-elections--Trump is saying what the people want to hear with regards to illegal immigration, and it's beginning to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country. That's not a bad thing, and any politician who thinks that will resonate poorly with the public is going to find out how wrong he is.

* * *

The media are carefully incurious about the name, ethnicity, and religion of the cop who shot an Australian woman in cold blood. And there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

* * *

Lots of drugs don't actually degrade over time, if stored correctly.

* * *

Airlines committing fraud: when you pay them to guarantee a seat, and they don't guarantee the seat--as happened to Ann Coulter recently--they're breaking a contract.


* * *

No idea how long this will work, but SJW insult generator.

"You're a straight, hyper-masculine, rich cracker!"

It does need just a little more logic to prevent things like the following:

"You're a privileged, close-minded, nazi nazi!"

Still, it's pretty good. I was really hoping for one where the last phrase was "nazi Hitler!" but that annoying pink background is too hard to look at for long.

* * *

The severe thunderstorm has passed, leaving everything sodden in its wake, and the air is something like fifteen degrees cooler than it was when the weather radio went off.

The pool is full. When we used it the other night water was actually sloshing out of it; that's how much rain we've had. Before we went to Cedar Rapids I was certain I'd be adding water this weekend, but now there's too much of it. I'm probably going to have to rig a siphon to get some water out of the thing.

Tomorrow's temp is supposed to be pretty cool. I hope so: I've got so many chores to do outside it's beyond ludicrous.

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