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#5756: Yeah, days like this

Temp 83, dew point 72, cloudy, no wind. *sigh*

Went out to the garage and moved things around enough that I could get the tractor out, and gave the grass a much-belated cutting. It's only the second time this month I've cut the grass.

It's only the second time this month it's needed it. June was dry; July has more than made up for it. In fact the grass wouldn't need cutting now if it all grew at the same rate; I cut it not because it was getting too long but because it was getting too shaggy.

It's nice to see that the sumac trees whose stumps got treated with RoundUp are not growing back with the same vigor they previously displayed. In fact I haven't dug into the foliage to see if these are new shoots or what, but anywhere I treated weeds with the stuff, they're not there, or they're severely stunted. I really hosed down the seam in the driveway (where the pavement got cut when they redid the street, which of course happened after my parents had the driveway redone in the late 1990s) and all that stuff turned brown in a matter of days.

What I need is more of this stuff, and a garden sprayer. (And in fact I think I have that last already.) The trigger pump on the RoundUp bottle is stiff and hard on my fingers, and it doesn't produce enough of a stream for the effort I put into pumping it, regardless of how the nozzle is set. Something I can pump up would be good; or perhaps I can find another way to dispense this stuff more evenly.

There are new shoots coming through where I previously applied the herbicide, but that was approximately three inches of rain ago, in June. I can fix that in a jiffy.

But not today. Today I have other tasks that need attending to, besides getting the grass cut.

* * *

Democrat from Illinois calls for Trump to be "eliminated". The article goes on to discuss some kind of deep state plot to get rid of Trump.

If you get rid of Trump, you get Pence, Democrats. You don't get Hillary.

Meanwhile, Gutierrez himself is a communist, and always has been. One of the hard-left lunatic Democrats we all know and love so much. And calling for the President to be "eliminated" is probably sedition, which is still illegal.

If Trump is removed from office--particularly if it's through shady means, or obviously from pure politics--expect things to get very bad in this country.

* * *

Stocking shelves is something we have the technology to automate. Make shelf-stockers expensive enough (such as with a $15 minimum wage) and that task will be automated.

(Hint: current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Most stores pay more than that, especially for overnight stockers, but not $15. Double the required minimum wage and most of those jobs get automated soonest.)

* * *

He's right: this shows that the GOP was never serious about repealing Obamacare. And of course they were never serious about it; they like it just fine.

Earth to GOP: this is how you got Trump.

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