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#5758: Adventure!

The definition of "adventure" is "suffering far from home". *sigh*

Today we took Maki downstate to the clinic which will be treating his injury. Vet had cautioned me to allow three hours for the drive.

It took two. We got up at 6:30, left at 8:30, got there at 10:30, an hour and a half early for our appointment. Argh etc.

Anyway, visit went well, doc is confident Maki will make a full recovery, so we left him there for the surgery, which is supposed to be done tomorrow. We get him back on Saturday if everything goes well.

Took a little spin around the town, then stopped for food. At that point it was around 1:30; I'd had a PBJ at 8:45 but Mrs. Fungus had eaten nothing, and we were famished.

HOT friggin' day--temps in the mid-eighties, dewpoint in the mid-seventies, being outside was like being wrapped in a soggy electric blanket on emergency overdrive--and the Jeep's AC decided to cut out as we were driving around. Mrs. Fungus looked up some places on her phone but all the ones she liked the look of either closed after lunch or didn't open until dinner. Having pulled off the road I consulted my own phone; eventually we decided on a Mexican place that was not far away and off we went. We were off the highway and heading to the restaurant when the vents started blowing warm, muggy air; the Jeep did this a few times last week in Cedar Rapids and the remedy was to shut the AC off, let it sit a few seconds, and turn it on. Recycle the system, it would start working.

Not this time.

We drove the remainder of the way to the place with the AC blowing hot air. Got there; Mrs. Fungus headed inside and I was about to follow when I heard hssssssss... and thought, "What? Did the friggin' thing blow?"

Followed the sound around the front end of the truck to the right front tire, which was rapidly deflating, and many bad words were said. I mean, I was glad it wasn't the AC system leaking, but my joy was, shall we say, muted.

Suspicion: picked up a nail when I pulled off the road to consult my phone; something went TOK when I got up to speed on the highway. Foreign object damage!

Anyway, we went inside and had lunch; it was fair-to-middlin' though the waitress got my wife's order wrong and they put lettuce on the nachos after drowning them in some kind of cheese sauce. Not the best food ever, but tolerable.

Left Mrs. Fungus inside and went out into the stifling heat to change the tire. That went well enough. I could see no obvious damage to the tire, but that doesn't mean anything. I chucked it in the back and put the spare on. We left the place and hit a gas station, where I tanked up for the trip north and then had to pay $1.50 to pump the spare up to the correct pressure.

If I had had my toolbox in the back--which was removed for cat transport duty and the rear seat flipped down--I could have used my little compressor. (I probably could have plugged the hole in the tire, too, assuming I could find it.)

No matter. Jeep has full-size spare. It was on, $1.50 later it was at the correct pressure, and we were homeward bound. It was 3:30.

And a full and stressful day caught up to me; I began nodding off. I could not keep my eyes open. By slapping myself on the cheeks I could stave off sleep for a few miles, so we rode along with me periodically hitting my own face. Mrs. Fungus had leaned her seat back and gone to sleep almost as soon as we were on the highway.

When she woke up we were perhaps five miles from the exit I'd take to go home. But we had to go to the pet store to get a kennel, because when Maki comes home he'll be able to walk normally but he can't be allowed to run or jump for four weeks while the bone heals completely. And he'll have a cone, to boot. Argh.

Got stuff at pet store (and bravo to cashier who saved us about $60 on the price of a kennel by price-matching their own web site!) and then came home.

I collapsed almost immediately. I slept for two hours. Then I got up and changed the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car, and put her city sticker in, and cleaned her windshield to boot.

I'm going to futz with the Jeep's tire tomorrow. Also, hopefully, get the recycling cleared out of the garage. And otherwise, do as little as possible...because on Saturday I need to get up before 6 AM in order to be back at the clinic by 8 AM to pick up Maki.

* * *

There were some good things. We stopped at the "Idea Garden", which was a really nice place to visit, and free but for the quarter I put into the parking meter; it had all kinds of gorgeous flowers.

By the time we were done at the pet store we were both so punchy that Mrs. Fungus laughed herself silly when I made fun of the guy in front of us at the Starbuck's drive through. She wanted a sweet tea, and I ordered it, and then we pulled around and saw some kind of discussion happening between the guy in front of us and the guy in the window. A drink was passed over, then passed back.

Me: "No, I don't want the macho milko! I wanted the milko macho!"


Me: Really?

Miles later I found myself laughing at it and realized she was right, and my brain was just running too slowly to recognize humor.

* * *

Sitting in my rocking chair, before my nap, I realized that prior to all this happening I had found a horseshoe in the garage and nailed it to the inside of the front door (the people door, not the big one). Perhaps, I reasoned, I had done it wrong, hanging it points down; or maybe putting it on the inside of the door was wrong. Regardless, I went out to the garage and took the horseshoe down again.

It's been a pretty sucky week, all told.

* * *

Whatever the noise was the Jeep had been making, it no longer makes. I heard it once and it never sounded again. Fine by me; I have enough nonsense to worry about.

* * *

So: it's Thursday night, and another load of trash from the garage went out. I still need to get the Bagster, but it looks as if that won't happen before next week.

I just want my clean garage back. *sob* *snort*

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