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#5761: Well, that's a bright spot

Bit of luck: if I had to get a flat tire 100 miles from home, at least it was a simple puncture straight through the middle of the tread. If I'd had my toolbox in the back of the truck I could have fixed it then and there. But I didn't; so today I pulled the tire out of the back of the truck and put some air in it, and immediately found the hole.

Plug patched it; it's holding air and back on the truck.

I've completed most of my other chores and errands for the day: took an RX in for a refill for Mrs. Fungus, hit the bank, cleaned the kitchen windows and screens, and put a new headlight bulb into her car.

That last annoys me. The new headlight hasn't been on the car three months, and already the bulb blew? But when I pulled it out, it was gone. It had shattered, right down to the base. How the hell did that happen? There's no evidence of condensation or water penetration into the headlamp assembly, so I can only assume that it was a shoddy Chinese bulb that just died spectacularly.

Put a new bulb in; we'll see how long that lasts. I expect a Sylvania bulb to last rather longer than the cheap whatever-brand Chinese bulb it replaced.

Remaining tasks are to put the screens back in (once dried) and hang a decorative stained glass thing in front of the kitchen windows.

You know, it's 79° outside and there's a pleasant northern breeze, and the dewpoint is sane (63°) so why am I sweating like a firkin' pig?

* * *

Another success story for socialized medicine. I'm guessing that Charlie Gard won't count against their infant mortality statistics, because reasons. But the salient detail is that the parents attempted to get care for their child outside of the socialist medical system, and were denied permission to do so. Again, because reasons.

Meanwhile, John McCain made sure the US will have the same kind of medical care that Charlie Gard received by voting against his party. His was the crucial vote. Why hasn't John McCain just joined the Democrats? He sides with them more often than he does his own party, anyway.

* * *

Garbage collection didn't occur until after noon, but I have empty trash cans again, which means I could conceivably get a little more floor space back. Little by little I'm getting things arranged so that I can get things out (like lawn mower or compressor) and access tools and workbench. It's slow going, but getting trash out of the way helps a lot.

If I can ever get the recycling taken care of that will help, too, but that requires about an hour of sorting and loading before I can take it over. Once that's done the motorcycle will again be accessible!

* * *

I keep getting calls from (847) 565-34xx (last two digits vary) where the person says, "Hi, I'm Joe, from our company's HR department." Then the call drops. I've started blocking the numbers when these calls come in, because I'm f-ing sick of the spam calls, and repeatedly telling them to stop calling me has resulted in this horseshit.

* * *

I can't believe July is just about over. Seems as if it was the 4th a couple days ago.

Tuesday will be August. Dang.

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