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#5764: Eat a bucket of dicks you fat fu--

Michael Moore is saying he refuses to live in a country where Donald Trump is President, and "...I'm not leaving."

Feel free to do whatever the hell you want to in your attempt to get rid of Donald Trump. But considering your talent consists solely of being a huge fat lying communist, I don't think there's much you can do about it. Unless, I don't know, you're hoping you can challenge him to an eating contest with his Presidency as the stakes. And for that to happen, he'd have to be stupider than you are, which is not very likely considering you have the intellect of a rutabaga.

* * *

Speaking of useless douchebags here's a great dissection of a useless f-ing bag of crap that calls himself "conservative". He may well be right to do so, considering that the so-called "conservative movement" in this country consists of people who can charitably be referred to as "slightly less leftist than Democrats" and who would much rather be "the loyal opposition" to Democrats than actually lead and, y'know, have to keep all those promises they make to the rank-and-file.

A lying sack of shit by any other name....

* * *

I am in fine fettle today. You can probably tell. I don't know why. But I am utterly sick of the useless, lying bags of crap in the GOP, who sure talk a good game during their campaigns, but when it comes down to actually doing anything, when it comes down to brass tacks they vote with the Democrats. They conspire and collude and fail, and then they say, "Oh, damn, we lost by one vote...guess you'll just have to vote GOP next year!" And they think we're fooled.

Well, we were; it did work a couple of times. But now it is fucking obvious that the GOP is not interested in opposing Democrats on a serious level, but merely implementing the Democrat platform at a slower pace. It's like the Cold War all over again: the GOP was convinced that the USSR would win it, so their aim was simply to secure the best possible terms for a surrender, and everyone was aghast when Ronald Reagan actually did things that led us to winning the fucking thing.

Not to put too fine a point on it, THIS IS WHY YOU GOT TRUMP, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. If you think that your failure theater is going to continue to play well in the hinterlands you had better re-think that plan, because people are getting FED UP WITH YOUR HORSESHIT.

Do you fuckheads actually think that we are so stupid that we can't remember a year or two ago when the exact same frigging Congress had the votes to repeal Obamacare? Back when Barack Hussein was President and would veto any attempt to do so?

The useless sacks of shit we send to D.C. aren't interested in doing anything other than feathering their own nests, and if they think they can continue to act like they give one wet fart about what the people want while doing the exact opposite I would suggest they think again. Because Trump is by far and away not the worst we can do to those fuckers. Trump is only the beginning.

* * *

Francis Porretto neatly outlines how little we need from the federal government.

Cold Fury elucidates further on that point.

* * *

Further proof that the kill-babies-not-seals crowd wants just to kill babies, not give a woman a choice whether or not to have the baby. An external incubator would allow a woman to enter a building pregnant and leave with an empty womb, but without having to kill the baby in the process--and the pro-abortion crowd is against that.

People of the same political bent hurled the epithet "baby killer!" at soldiers returning from Vietnam. But they want to kill more babies than the entire Vietnam war did.

* * *

On the military's transgender ban, from someone in the know. The succinct, one-sentence summation: "War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your shit together, or you don't."

And guess what? If you don't, you die. And people around you die.

I know this doesn't matter to the leftist shitheads who demand that we use our military as a laboratory for experiments with their favorite social theories, because only stupid hicks join the military and no one they know has ever worn the uniform, but that's not what the military is for. The commie assholes don't mind if a few extra proles get blown up (or, more likely, maimed for life) as long as they can feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back for being so open-minded. Besides, all those flag-draped coffins coming home from abroad are good for the polls, because the Republicans still have a majority, don't you know? We can't get single-payer as long as the GOP holds Congress, and anyway the military has too much testosterone.

See, this is why I'm glad I don't have powers like Billy Mumy in that old Twilight Zone episode. Because if I did, on a day like today, there would be a lot of elite-leftist-and-government-assholes-turned-jack-in-the-boxes bouncing around in cornfields all across the land.

* * *

Having vented my spleen I feel just a little bit better.

Second bout of PT for the kitten today; he's trying to run and he's already more flexible than yesterday. Running is absolutely out of the question, of course. We have him penned up in the computer room, and he seemed to tolerate the kennel just fine last night, so that's all good. We're slowly evolving a solution that works for everyone, keeping the kitten out of trouble while letting everyone else do their thing with a minimum of nonsense.

Have to keep an eye on his incision. I want to take the cone off him as soon as we can, because it's a miserable thing, but as long as that incision is not healed he can't be allowed to lick it. Probably two weeks, hopefully ten days--nine now--from the time he came home. Then about two weeks after that, he should be all good to go with no restrictions.

Kittens grow fast, so when they're injured they heal fast. This will help, rather than hinder, our efforts.

Mrs. Fungus is in charge of the cone; she takes it off and monitors him with it off so he doesn't lick his incision, then puts it on when he's done with his cone-free time.

* * *

So the kid who's building the shifter kart with a Suzuki GS500 engine--the way he's built it, the whole drivetrain is unsprung weight. Today he added some more things, including putting the battery on the same unsprung platform that the engine is on. So he's added what, fifty or sixty more pounds to that assembly.

So let him hit a bump that kicks the back end up with some velocity, and the whole damned thing is likely to come over and do a reverse somersault. Be interesting to watch the "first drive" video.

The battery will crap out pretty quickly due to vibration and shock, too.

I mean, bravo to the guy for having the tools and talent to build himself a machine like that. The front end is great, and the mechanism he made for shifting gears is clever--and the only things he didn't build from scratch were the engine, the wheels, the seat, the lights, the shocks/springs, and the steering wheel--but that rear end is a really bad way to do things.

It would have been better to have the engine solid-mounted to the frame and put the axle on a swing mount with the same pivot point as the axle mounts. That would make sure the chain remained in correct tension. Alternately, a different arrangement which would allow the chain tension to vary, and then make up for that with a chain tensioner. The kid obviously has the skills to make something like that, and that would keep his unsprung weight to a minimum.

The best way--which would admittedly have required buying parts--would be to have a solid-mounted differential and then half-shafts with CV joints at either end to deliver power to the rear wheels. In fact you don't even need a diff; just have the driven sprocket there and connect it with shafts with CV joints to the rear wheels. The rear end of a cheap-ass quad bike would do it.

Well, he'll learn, I guess.

* * *

As for me, I want to spend today doing as little as possible. The last week was shit, and I'm exhausted and cranky. *sigh*

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