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#5765: Because someone poured gas on a fire, that's why

This is about the new government-mandated safety features on gas cans which make them all but unusable.
It is far more likely to spill when the gas is gurgling out in various uneven ways, when one spout has to both pour and suck in air. That's when the lawn mower tank becomes suddenly full without warning, when you are shifting the can this way and that just to get the stuff out.

There's also the problem of the exploding can. On hot days, the plastic models to which this regulation applies can blow up like balloons. When you release the top, gas flies everywhere, including possibly on a hot engine. Then the trouble really begins.
I remember this. What happened is that someone poured gasoline from a can onto a fire, with eminently predictable results; and someone else sued. The result was for gas cans to end up like they are now, with no vents and the stupid self-closing nozzles which make it all but impossible to dispense gasoline in anything like an even and clean fashion.

Rather than preventing spills, the new cans make spilling inevitable. But, hey! At least some goober won't be able to dump gasoline directly on a fire using only one hand any longer!


* * *

So, it looks as if Katla, a few miles over from Mount WTF, is preparing to blow. In 2010 when Mount WTF (aka "Eyjafjallajökull") blew up, they were saying that Katla could be next. Looks like they were right.

One commentor says that every time WTF erupts, Katla does a while later, so I guess we'll see if that's correct.

* * *

So Star Trek: Douchebags has a rule in place: characters may not say "god", ever. They can say "fuck" to their hearts' content, but "god" is verboten.

This series is going to suck.

* * *

Not sucking: Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty. But who the hell peed in Daenerys' cornflakes? Over the past season she's started acting like Hillary Clinton or something.

* * *

The Perseid meteor shower is the one that I can remember the dates for, and it's due to peak on August 12th this year. In years that I remember it, though, we invariably have cloudy weather. $5 says that's the case this year.

When I don't remember it, the thing breezes past and we have gorgeously clear nights...and after it ends I think, "Dang, I missed the Perseids this year! And it was so clear!"


* * *

Starting to think about the novel some more.

Part of me keeps saying, "Tighten it up a bit and fix the major errors, then ship it to someone for consideration." The other part of me says, "No, finish the whole story and ship that to someone, and let them tell you to break it into chunks."

150,000 words in it now. I'll have to think some more.

* * *

Wife's computer--exactly the same configuration as Floristica--is chunking pretty badly. Not sure what's going on with it; she's got 25 GB free on the C: drive where I have 36 GB, so it's not that.

We're going to be making a move to SSD pretty soon, at least for the C: drives. A 500 GB SSD will take the place of the 150 GB boot partition each machine has, and the HDD will turn into the D: and E: drives.

The actual problem she's having comes from Internet Explorer, though. That's her preferred browser (she refuses to switch to Pale Moon) and it's slower than shit in January. Tonight her system coughed up a bucket of dicks because there were about five ghost instances of IE running--instances of IE which had not terminated correctly and were still using memory and processor time--and it looks like each of them had multiple tabs open, as well.

I know it's not malware because I've kept an eye on things. Like my system hers is using Webroot for security, and that's a good package; and she doesn't go to the kinds of sites that inject malware, either. But the ad blocking software doesn't work as well under IE as it does under Pale Moon, and I'd bet some of those ghost instances were popunder ads which didn't pop correctly.

So we'll try bumping the specs and see how that does. Moving the boot drive to SSD will help enormously, I expect, because there'll be more room on the thing. 25 GB ought to be enough room, as long as more stuff isn't added--it's about 16% free space, and 10% free is the lower limit--but as long as nothing else changes, 125 GB on a 500 GB drive will leave a crapton of space free, and it'll be fast. That should do it.

Probably add another 8 GB to system RAM while we're at it. The software we're running is memory-intensive and the mobo's memory bus can operate in either single- or dual-channel mode, but I do believe dual-channel is faster. Just need a second 8 GB stick for each machine to make that happen.

* * *

And of course, nice cool weather today. We have a swimming pool! Of course it's not hot!

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