atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5767: The Bagster is no FG.

Gonna need a dumpster.

Bought Bagster, deployed it in driveway, promptly filled it with the scrapwood from the attic. I managed to jam a few other things into it but it's effectively full now, and there's still a crapton of shit to dispose of.

So here's what I figure: right now I'm only into this for $30. Abandon the idea and get a real dumpster. When it arrives, empty the Bagster into the dumpster and fold it up and keep it for future situations that are less epic than three cubic yards of scrap wood no one wants!

Or, if someone needs a Bagster anytime soon, I can sell it to them for a few bucks less and recoup some of my investment.


I'm not kidding, though; I didn't even pull down the entirety of the scrap wood, but left the bottom layer up there because it spans the ceiling joists and provides space to put things if and when. I pulled down four more boxes of baby clothes to boot, and the only things I found in any of those boxes that wasn't complete garbage was an old hand-cranked meat grinder, and a box of photographs. End of list.

Everything else? Pure trash.

I suppose I shouldn't say the Bagster is "no FG" considering that it's my own fault I vastly underestimated the sheer volume of SHIT up in that attic. Still, it's irritating that I'll have to move that junk a second time.

Well, we live and learn, I guess.

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