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#5771: i don't have words

Dumpster arrived about 10:45 and was set in the driveway by 11 AM. I took the recycling to the scrapyard.

...sitting by the "this is worth more than scrap" pile was some kind of Honda motorcycle, sans tank. I didn't get too close to it lest I decide to make an offer on it. I stayed far enough from it that I couldn't even see if it was a single cylinder or a twin.

Got $22 for the recycling--not too shabby.

Went for a pub burger from Culver's, got home and ate; did Maki's PT and then got to work. First up, moving all the shit from the Bagster to the dumpster. Bigger container and neater stacking made for a nice minimalist pile against the dumpster's forward bulkhead--but that was only the beginning!

I moved all the garbage out of the garage and into the dumpster, including stuff I've wanted to throw away for a very long time but haven't had a big enough garbage can for. Wood that has been laying around the garage for forty frigging years and has lain under cars, so it's oil-soaked, and where that hasn't happened it's so dry it's split. I had to get the circular saw out to cut the stuff to fit in the dumpster; and when I did, I smelled the unmistakable scent of pine.

We've been saving shitty pine boards all this time? WTF!!!

Worked my ass off, taking frequent breaks because of the heat and humidity. It's not really that hot out today but the sun is brutal and that dumpster's not in the shade. And of course it's something like 120° in the attic.

Still: I pulled the rest of the junk down from the attic. There is one item remaining: the porch swing from my paternal grandfather's house. It's big and heavy and I'm totally out of steam; I'll pull it down later. Otherwise, the attic over the north end of the house and garage is totally empty. Finally.

The result is that the dumpster is a bit past half-full. More boxes of old clothes, most of which have been up there since the 1960s, boxes crumbling from age when I try to move them--broken junk, hinged assemblies of wood the purpose of which I cannot discern. The crumbling boxes, folded and jammed into each other. Bags and bags of old clothes from prior cleanout sessions.

Friday, then, I get to work on the section over the south end of the house.

The house has two access points for the attic. It used to be one; the attic is continuous over the entire house and there's no partitions, so that was, theoretically, enough. Still, Dad, had a handyman install a second opening in the hallway leading to the bedrooms, with a drop-in plate closure. The one in the garage used to be a simple square opening, but the same handyman installed a set of pull-down stairs.


I say "badly" because today I noticed that the bolts holding the hinges on lack washers, so the nuts have simply pulled into the wood--and loosened. I need about sixteen flat washers, and then either some nylock nuts or lock washers, because this shit ain't gonna fly.

But that's later. I'm done with that part of the attic, for now.

The part of the attic over the south end of the house is also cluttered with junk, but a lot of it is small stuff, easily disposed of or stored elsewhere. I'm certain to be tossing about 90% of that shit, too, because no one has needed it for decades, but of course I can't just indiscriminately pull it down and throw it in the dumpster; like hte crap over the garage it will have to be sorted.


Still: it's a job that needed doing, and I'm pleased to say I've reached about the halfway point or so.

...and now I'm going to take a quick shower to wash off the grime, and then hurl myself into the pool to cool off. Heh.

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