atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5772: Relaxed

So, after finishing the attic over the garage, I hit the shower, and then the pool.

Pool temp was approximately 80 or so, nice and warm without being bathwater. I spent a few minutes skimming the bugs and leaves, then got in, skimmed a little more, and then sat down. Took my Pepsi in with me, and noticed (again) how the index of refraction turns an air bubble highly reflective in spots. Lensing effect made the liquid in the bottom of the bottle look far away, and there was a ring of total reflection around the neck of the bottle.

Wondered if it's a perfect reflector? Probably not. Thought about the similarities between the optics and the light cone in relativity. Discovered that if you have an empty 17 oz bottle, and hold it under the surface with the bottom up, and let go, it will shoot out of the water like a Polaris missile. Did that until the bottle flew out of the pool, then relaxed.

I really don't need a pool much bigger than this one, because what I like doing most is just to sit in the water and let myself relax completely, so that my arms are floating weightlessly. It takes a bit to get arranged so that I don't slide all the way under, but then I can close my eyes and relax and just let the water drain away the excess heat.

I have no idea how long I remained like that. Long enough for the sun to go behind the house. When I finally crowbarred myself out of the pool I felt a little cold, but I sat at the patio table with my towel wrapped around me and my legs on the table. Relaxed like that for a while.

When I went inside, my swim suit was nearly dry, and it was 6:30, so I changed clothes and geared up and went to get dinner as requested by Mrs. Fungus: Brown's chicken, with "hush puppies" (corn fritters).

Had a very pleasant evening thereafter.

Everything hurts now, of course, but I expect a good night's sleep will take care of that. Tomorrow is a day of rest. Friday, back at it.

No problem.

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