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#5773: It's about time someone pointed that out

So the big news circling the Dextrosphere today is how there was a little contretemps about immigration policy between a CNN stooge and a Trump advisor. During said exchange, the CNN stooge did what open-borders people always do: quote the poem on the Statue of Liberty's pedestal, The New Colossus. You know, "Give us your tired, your poor...." And the Trump advisor FINALLY took the tack I have yearned to hear a government official take for decades.

Simply put, the poem on the Statue of Liberty is not law.

It is not law, it never was law, and it has absolutely no legal binding on immigration policy whatsoever. The poem is a sentiment, it's an expression of America's willingness to accept legal immigrants regardless of their background.

It does not obligate us to accept every last person who manages to cross the border. It does not require us to clothe and feed and house people from other countries who only come for the free stuff and don't intend to assimilate or become citizens; in fact when the poem says "Give us your tired, your poor...," it is assuming that the tired and poor people are coming here to make a new life and become citizens. Certainly when France gave us the statue and they put that poem on the base, that was the expectation of immigrants: learn English and assimilate into the culture, or go back.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but there's one more expectation: COME HERE LEGALLY OR BE DEPORTED.

AoSHQ on the issue:
That's pretty special--confusing illegal and legal immigration policy. But the left seems to have completely eradicated the distinction between them in their own minds, so it's not surprising [CNN stooge] Acosta would conflate them.
That's what the left does. They conflate legal and illegal immigration, consider it the same thing. So "Give us your tired..." becomes the law of the land in their minds, and applies to anyone who manages to get here.

The thing is, people like the CNN stooge who want the poem to be our immigration policy know how well that will play with 90% of the country, so they can't come out and say it. The people wouldn't stand for it, not at all; and anyone who tried to make it the policy would find himself out of power at the very next election, so they want to make it the policy without telling anyone that's the policy.

I have to agree:
These people really are stupid. Every day I'm just shocked anew by how horrible our self-declared cognitive elite are at cognition. They're stupid people who seem to have learned nothing in college, and more importantly, nothing since.
The worst part about it is that their utter ignorance is willful. They consider themselves the bestest and the smartest, because after all they went to [elite university] but when they open their mouths they immediately "remove all doubt".

But this is the best part:
"Surely, Jim, you don't think that a wall affects green card policy," Miller said. "Do you really at CNN not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration? You really don't know that?"
The video I watched didn't show that part, damn it. No wonder everyone's saying the exchange was hilarious. All I saw was a CNN stooge talking over the answer to the long-winded douchebag question he just asked.

* * *

This is the correct response to illegal immigration. Do you know why Italy is bearing the brunt of the tide of illegal migrants trying to get to Europe from Africa?

There are two reasons.

1) Europe is letting them in by the boatload. No restrictions, no real questions asked, either. "Oh, come on in! There's plenty for everyone!"

2) Italy is closest to Libya, from which most of the illegal migrants depart Africa, because--thanks to Obama--Libya is an anarchistic shithole.

(Yes, the Straits of Gibraltar are tiny by comparison. Anyone departing Morocco will naturally cross there. But Libya is a long way from there.)

Italy doesn't want all those foreigners, not even if they're passing through on their way to Germany and France and Switzerland; but the problem is, too many of them get to Italy and stop there. As a soverign nation, Italy has the right to say "no, you may not enter" to anyone. Their interdiction efforts have not worked in Italian waters, and they therefore are now trying them in Libyan waters.

The usual suspects are tearing their hair and rending their garments over it: "Italy’s decision was met with outrage from leftist open-borders activists and aid groups." The paragraph continues:
Amnesty International called the move to dispatch naval ships into Libyan waters "a shameful attempt by the Italian authorities to circumvent their duty to rescue refugees and migrants at sea." The naval mission will "endanger migrants," lamented Human Rights Watch.
Simple fact is, "the Italian authorities" have no duty to "rescue refugees and migrants", whether they're at sea or anywhere else.

If you set out for my country from another country in a ship or boat, uninvited, with no papers or visa or anything, and your boat sinks and you die, why am I at fault? Why is it the responsibility of my Coast Guard to save you? Whose fault is it that you died while illegally trying to get here?

Seriously, where do you draw the line? Because if you have to rescue them once they're at sea, if you are forced to allow them into your country, and if you're not allowed to deport them once they get there, but are forced to feed and clothe and house them? That's what the open-borders people want; but who pays for all that food and clothing and housing? For damned sure Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch do not.

Simple fact is, the illegal migrants are endangering their own lives by doing what they're doing. It's not Italy's fault. Their interdiction efforts have not worked in Italian waters; now they must go to the source in an attempt to stem the tide. And like any sovereign nation, Italy has a right to control who comes in and who is kept out.

* * *

Here's a good point:
Hey, if Acosta wants to get into what the Statue of Liberty doesn't say, let's have at it (I haven't seen anything about "free" health care or abortion on demand but maybe CNN can do some research).
If we want to make statue poems law of the land, we gotta do it all, right?

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