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#5774: Fails the same way every time it's tried

Socialized medicine kills. It doesn't kill the elites; it kills the proles, the very people the elites claim that it helps.

Do you think that if Charlie Gard had been Tony Blair's son (he's the only Brit pol whose name I can recall offhand, other than Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill) he would have been allowed to expire by NHS, and prevented from getting care outside the system? Of course not: Charlie Blair would have received the treatment necessary to safe his life.

Socialized medicine is always sold on the premise that it will make everyone healthier. But all it does is kill the very same poor people it purports to help.

If you need to know how well socialized medicine works, you need only look at the VA hospitals in this very country. That is the true face of socialized medicine.

And I've said time and again that Obamacare represents the single largest tax increase in US history. Obamacare is one step removed from socialized medicine, and the strictures it places on insurers require them to raise prices in order to remain solvent.

Under Obamacare, everyone pays for everything. You may be a single woman aged 63, but you have to pay for prenatal care as part of your health insurance. You may not want to have to pay for psychiatric services, but the federal government has mandated that you must. Regardless of who you are, or what your circumstances are, one size fits all.

The GOP has demonstrated that it's just fine with all this, because it can't be arsed to repeal Obamacare. Someone pointed out that if the GOP had a larger majority, more Senators would have voted against repeal. We had exactly the number required to vote against repeal to keep the thing in place because the GOP likes Obamacare just fine. Having a Senator who is not likely to live to his next election cast the deciding vote suits them; they can wring their hands about not having enough seats in the Senate and "Oh, just vote for us and we'll get rid of it!" but the fact remains that if they wanted to repeal it they would have done so. It's just more political theater.

* * *

That's right; blacks suffer because white people are mean. It's never their own fault.
For example, the opening text for the new movie Detroit, which opens nationally on Friday, pins the blame for the black riot of 1967 on the economic devastation caused by the 22,000 whites who had presciently left Detroit the year before, apparently taking all the magic dirt with them, leaving only the tragic dirt.
22,000 out of how many living in Detroit in 1967?

And what actually happened:
But in 1967 the police, at the encouragement of black Baptist ministers wishing for their neighborhood to be cleaned up, raided an unlicensed after-hours bar. Interestingly, the movie, which often shows a different view of reality than it tells, depicts the raid as being led by a black officer. Still, neighbors threw bottles at the cops, who, following Detroit’s then-celebrated liberal doctrine of not provoking riotous ghetto dwellers, retreated. To celebrate their victory over the forces of law and order, the locals began looting shops.

The rioting spread as the police stayed back. Mayor Cavanagh, Governor Romney, and President Johnson were each reluctant to agree to send in more force. And when they finally realized the need, they were then still averse to cooperating with their potential rivals. (Romney was widely considered the GOP front-runner to meet LBJ in November 1968. In reality, however, none of the three liberal politicians’ careers recovered from the Detroit Riot.)

Eventually the riot got so out of control that military tanks were sent in. Reportedly, one shelled a church steeple from which sniper fire was said to be coming.
Yep. White racism, definitely.


* * *

Al Gore, champion of the ecosystem, used 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence in the last year. 231 megawatt hours. That's 22 years worth of electricity for you and me, because we're not super-rich like Al Gore is.

So you, prole, you need to learn how to make do with less power. Swelter in the summer and freeze in the winter, because OMG THE GLOBAL WARMENTATION!!! Meanwhile, Al Gore will relax and enjoy using all the energy you didn't use.

Gee, a hypocritical leftist. Who could have seen that one coming?

* * *

Surgically-altered man froze his sperm so that he could still reproduce after having his testicles cut off. Will undoubtedly refer to himself as the child's "mother".

* * *

If California actually seceded from the US, it would still be highly dependent on the US. I mean, it can't supply its own drinking water, let alone energy or food or anything else. The idiots who are pushing for California's secession think that filling the state with illegal immigrants will more than make up for the loss of productive citizens.

I propose that we let them have their way, with one stipulation: no tap backs. They leave the union, they must not be allowed to rejoin the US for one century from the date of secession.

Further, there will be a wall built along the entire California border, and anyone caught crossing that border without permission (once secession is completed and California's no longer a US state) will be shot. You don't like living in California? Go to the US consulate and apply for an immigrant visa. Don't figure on coming here illegally, because if you manage to get past the wall and the land mines and the snipers and the vicious dogs, we'll send your ass right the fuck back.

American companies will be allowed to sell electricity to California, but with a stiff "environmental arbitrage" tariff added. We don't want to import California's pollution. They're a sovereign nation now; they should be able to build their own power plants.

One of two things would happen. Either the whole thing would collapse--in which case the US could wade in and clean it up, making it a US territory, with some new rules in place to prevent a repeat--or the moonbattery would cease and it would become a reasonable facsimile of a functioning state.

But yeah, my money would be on "banana republic" because that's the kind of government leftists love best.

* * *

While dumping the ferrous scrap metal at the recycler yesterday--for which you park on the scale on your way in and out, and unload between--I saw a huge pile of empty computer cases. Someone's been upgrading!

There's always something interesting in that pile, though. I recall seeing a complete lawn tractor, once. After all those Mustie1 videos on YouTube where he picks up something like that for free and gets it working perfectly in a couple of hours, it kind of makes me regret not asking about it--but I was there to get rid of junk, not get more. Heh.

Anyway, it's Thursday, and tomorrow makes one week since Maki's surgery. The cat has the energy of a quasar, and once he gets going the only thing I can do is put him in his kennel until his jets assume room temperature again. We have three weeks to go. Plus side, this time next week we should be able to take the cone of shame off him for the last time.


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