atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5776: That's good

Well, got about 40% of the stuff down from the south end of the attic today. Dumpster is now 75% full and I have one more good push to get the attic emptied out.

I was greatly aided by the 60° weather we had today. The attic was warm, but "warm" means about 80°, and because of the way the wind was blowing I occasionally got a cool breeze up through the hatch.

Same as over the garage, there's a perilously huge amount of crap up there.

The bulk of the remainder falls into two categories: books and other stuff. Most of what's up there is books, and because of the storage conditions most of them are not worth keeping. I will keep the very old, or the otherwise interesting, or the ones in good condition; but otherwise, they're just being ejected. Screw it.

"Other stuff" consists of things put up there when my wife moved into the bunker. Her stuff will come down and go into the spare bedroom, which is where we're keeping our stuff. Things that were in my mother's room prior to Dec 2012 are being re-sorted and this time I'm throwing away the trash.

I also found, and consolidated, all of the slot car track. My brother received a huge pile of Aurora slot car stuff in the late 70s. I'm not sure where it came from, but he lost interest in it after a while. When I got my Matchbox slot car set in the early 1980s, somehow another pile of track came over here from a friend's house. And further, when I started monkeying with my brother's old Aurora stuff, another friend brought his crapton of ATX stuff over and left it. So I've now got the Aurora and ATX and Matchbox track all piled in one place with about four hundred controllers. I have a small handful of mostly-complete cars, and somewhere there's a box of car parts. Maybe someday I'll do something with it; maybe someday I'll just donate it to someone. We'll see.

Oh--and a single oval of slotless track. Late 1970s, ATX had a series of cars which used special track with no slots, and the cars had a rudimentary steering system that let the driver select the left or right lane of the track. There was a third car (the "jam car") which continually circled the track at a set speed and which presented a kind of moving obstacle.

The cars are long gone. I saw one controller for it. No idea where the power supply is, either.

In all probability I'd have to clean the track with hydrochloric acid to get thirty years' worth of corrosion off the rails if I wanted actually to use it. And overhaul the cars so they'd run reliably. But WTF, it doesn't take up much room.

* * *

But at least we're making progress on this nonsense.

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