atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5777: Spoing

Yesterday I reached for a box with one hand, and when I clamped down on it something went "spoing" in my hand. It hurt considerably but I was able to continue using the hand. Mind you, it hurt a bit, but as long as I didn't exert too much force with my ring finger it was fine. I worked for another couple of hours at least.

Today I can make the "kung fu grip" with my hand, but bending my fingers further hurts. I can't hold anything smaller than about 1" in diameter in my fist, not if I need to exert any force on it, because that hurts.

Just what I need: a strained finger.

I know it isn't anything else because there's absolutely no pain in it as long as I'm not moving it. I can squeeze along the entire length of the phalange and even down past the metacarpal without any tenderness or anything. With my other hand, I can bend the fingers all the way to a fist and if I had some way to clamp it shut I could leave it in a fist all day without pain--full range of motion--but the instant I exert any muscular force at all, that finger starts yelling.

So "light duty" today, I think. Do the dishes and tidy the house from yesterday's work. The place is a mess because of all the boxes I hauled down; even though I threw away a lot of crap there's probably a half-dozen empty boxes (saved for use as trash receptacles) and some other things all over the house.

The boxes over the south side of the house aren't as old as the ones over the north end. The ones from the north end, most of them were put up there in 1965 and never taken down again, or even moved but once or twice in that time. At the south end, those have been shuffled and moved and looked over and overlooked time and again.

There really isn't any "buried treasure" at this end. It's just stuff. Someone has to go through it and be willing to jettison the junk, is all. Sadly, today that someone is injured and doesn't want to make his injury worse, so there the project will stall for a few days.

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