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#5779: Fine, then. When is "George W Bush Day"? Or, hell even "Ronald Reagan Day"?

August 4th is officially "Barack Hussein Obama Day" in Illinois. WTF.

* * *

Chicago shouldn't get one red cent of federal money as long as they defy federal immigration laws.

* * *

Absolutely no vote fraud going on in LA County, where 144% of the eligible voting age public is registered to vote!

* * *

$4,200 billion budget, $2,399 billion of which is nothing but welfare. That's 57% of the budget.

Related: Baltimore managed to go 41 hours before their "please don't kill anyone" marathon ended. And now that the ice is broken there's been a second murder. They wanted to go just four days without a murder, and didn't even get halfway there.

* * *

$4800 on one meal. One person posted her bill and said the experience was "impeccable". Do you honestly think she'd say anything else after paying almost five thousand dollars for dinner for a few people? Because if she did, the subtext of that statement would be, "I'm a GIGANTIC FUCKING MORON"

Unless that food reverses aging, there's no way in hell it's worth that kind of money. Rich people are STUPID.

* * *

Gigantic radio telescope has no one to boss it around. China built one twice as big as the Aricebo instrument, but highly experienced managing directors for large-aperture radio telescopes are rather rare. You'd have an easier time finding a star NFL quarterback.

* * *

Busy frickin' day today. We got up at noon, left around 1:30 or so, and did not get home until after dark. We're hoping to remain home tomorrow, though we may go out to see Valerian.

Weather forecast is upper 70s as far as the eye can see. Before we bought our swimming pool, this was shaping up to be a hot summer; but since the 4th of July weekend, it's been a lot cooler than normal, and this past week has been virtually arctic. You see, that's how things work: I finally have unlimited access to a swimming pool (admittedly a small one) and the weather turns cold.

Hand is improving. I can now touch the palm of my hand with my fingertips, and am nearly able to make an actual fist without pain. I sure strained the shit out of that ring finger. I need to get back after the attic on Tuesday; I should be able to. Hoping to have the dumpster filled and picked up before close of business Friday. We'll see.

Maki is also improving. He went all day without any pain reliever, and sat still for PT, and otherwise seems to think he's hale and hearty enough to run and climb. Really hoping the doc can see him Wednesday and will say, "Yep, cone can come off for good now." That'd be really nice. He'd be much happier without it.

* * *

Some goober took the old pop bottles from the dumpster. I was simultaneously amused and disgusted.

They were right on top, near the corner. Whoever it was took screw-top Pepsi bottles from the 1970s, things I tossed out because they're not worth anything. A quick perusal of eBay showed them to be worth a few bucks each, at least judging by the large number of unsold bottles cluttering up the listings. "A few bucks each" translates to "not worth my time", because once you factor in all the time you'd spend on photographing them and writing the listings, and packing the thing up and taking it to the post office--even charging for shipping and handling, the $3 or $5 I'd get for the bottle itself is a lot less than my time is worth. It's nothing but a waste of time.

Of course, nothing else in that dumpster is worth anything, either. That's why it's in there.

People are stupid.

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