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#5780: How inconvenient.

Al Gore's propaganda movie sequel came in 15th at the box office. Because fake:
A prominent Ivy League Geologist who voted for Gore, was "appalled" after viewing his first 2006 film. "I voted for Gore in 2000, yeah. I think that if he ran again, depending on who he ran against, I might vote for him. He's a smart man," said Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, who chaired the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania in the skeptical film "Climate Hustle."

But after viewing Gore's film, Giegengack had this reaction. "I was appalled. I was appalled because he either deliberately misrepresented the point he was making or didn't understand it. So it was irresponsible of Al Gore."

"CO2 is not the villain that it has been portrayed. I'm impressed by the fact that the present climate, from the perspective of a geologist, is very close to the coldest it's ever been. The concentration CO2 in the atmosphere today is the close to the lowest it has ever been," Giegengack explained in "Climate Hustle".

* * *

"I was just mad at the time." That's the reason a black man raped and murdered a white woman.

Oh no, not a hate crime or anything!

* * *

Here is why it's a bad idea to shoot at something which can shoot back, only bigger. A bunch of islamist goons try shooting at an American airplane, and the American airplane drops a bomb on them. The person filming the incident lived. Pretty sure the ones who were shooting did not.

I can't feel sorry for them.

* * *

Baltimore tried to have a four-day-long "nobody kill nobody" marathon, and made it to 41 hours before the first murder occurred. Out of six schools, no student is proficient in math or reading. Public schools like those are a success story for leftists, because they keep entire generations of children mired in government dependence. They'll be on the dole or in jail, for life, because they can't read and can't cipher. And if you take a good hard look at the history of public education, and its origins in the progressive movement, you learn that yes indeed these "underperforming" schools are working exactly as designed.

* * *

Biggest mass murder in the world's history occurred in China. At least--at least!--45 million people perished under Mao, making him the most evil dictator of the 20th century, eclipsing Hitler by 39 million dead. Hitler was a piker compared to Mao.

I don't know how anyone could characterize such mass slaughter, the result of a government policy, as "accidental".

"The horrendous history of China, the USSR, and their imitators, should have permanently discredited socialism as completely as fascism was discredited by the Nazis." You know why? Because "True communism has never been tried," that's why. That's the excuse made by communists: that ideology that killed a hundred million people in the 20th century, that wasn't real communism!

Well, let me clue you peckerheads in on something: Mao was pretty well convinced his was real communism, just the same way Lenin and Stalin were convinced. Hitler was pretty confident that his brand of socialism was best, too. All of these men were followers of Marxism to one extent or another, and their inability to realize "true socialism" without killing literal millions of people demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt that no matter who tries it, no matter how "true" it is, communism is nothing but mass murder.

* * *

Sooner or later you have to throw them away. Yes, you should be extremely reluctant to throw away a book. No, you are not obligated to keep them in perpetuity.

That's the situation I'm looking at here, and I've decided that I'm throwing away every book that's not at least fifty years old, unless there is a good reason to keep it.

* * *

The left is extremely petty. This is no surprise to anyone who can think. But to quote a plaque I saw yesterday: "Gratitude turns what we have into more than enough."

What is the difference between my lifestyle and that of some super-rich person? The article looks at the differences between "rich" and "middle class" in six major categories which--if you simply must have the best of the best!--will matter to you; but if you're capable of gratitude, you'll understand why paying more for snob appeal is a bad investment.

Let's face it: that hyper-expensive restaurant I talked about in yesterday's post, the one where a single check came to $4,700--those people did not leave that restaurant any more fed than I was after I ate a third of that $6 pizza I bought the other day.

I'm actually struggling to figure out what could possibly make a meal worth $600, but I can't, and I know that if I were to be taken to such a place (I would not pay that kind of money for food out of my own pocket, even if I could) I would not find the food to be any more delicious than anything I've ever eaten before. It would be expertly crafted by a talented chef, and it would be delicious, but it would not be $600 delicious.

Emphasis removed, the conclusion:
Understand this and understand this well about leftists. They are miserable people who will waste their entire, precious lives being envious of what others have instead of appreciating what they have. And when the day comes that they're on their death bed, all they will have to point to is a life of whining, complaining, hatred, and jealousy.
There's a reason that envy is a sin.

* * *

"...[Y]ou're the child having a tantrum in the toy store."

* * *

We might believe you, GOP, if you had done anything to stand in their way. Every year you guys pretend real hard that you're trying to thwart the Democrat expansion of government, but "oh gosh we just don't have the votes" so you'll have to vote more of us in, and next time we'll get it for sure.

But "next time" the same thing happens.

You know that's why you got Trump, right? Because your base got sick of the failure theater?

* * *

Like any government agency NASA spends a lot of money on "feasibility studies". NASA is spending $19 million to have a company design a nuclear thermal propulsion system for them. Given the political climate, it will never be tested or even built.

Well, I suppose it's a good thing that NASA is keeping the option open, because a trip to Mars is going to require some pretty high-test propulsion, and NTR is the way to do it. Even though the OHMIGERDNUKESINSPACE crowd will sue to prevent it.

* * *

This is neat. A 2D plane of Hall effect sensors lets one image magnetic fields.

* * *

Gah, the Simpsons. 28 friggin' seasons. I stopped watching it when that number was still in single digits, having twigged to the show's formula and having tired of it. There comes a point at which a TV show should just be quietly allowed to expire.

* * *

Illinois state comptroller Mendoza just posted a video on YouTube stating that the tax increase passed over Governor Rauner's veto is not enough money to fix the state's woes, and that we now must do a bond issue or we're all screwed.

Classic Democrat move: raise taxes and borrow money and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND like there's no tomorrow.

The state's over $15 billion in debt, and this idiot wants to borrow more money. When you see someone borrowing money from one place to pay a debt on somewhere else, you rightly conclude he's got a problem. Why is it any less of a problem when government does it?

* * *

Go to about 8:10 and turn your speakers up real loud:

That is aviation at its prime, right there.

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