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#5781: Holy crap am I FARSIGHTED

So, today my glasses broke.

Longtime readers of the Fungus may recall that they broke over a year ago. I've held them together with cyanoacrylate glue and used them, even as my wife told me and told me and told me to get new ones. Crap kept cropping up, and due to the incompetent and stupid way the shithole handles everything I never had any friggin' idea who my provider was for anything. All I have is a contract ID number, and that's it, and I knew getting that information from them would be like pulling teeth. From a chicken.

Well, today I was forced to wade into that morasse, because as I was performing my morning ablutions I reached up to adjust my glasses and they just...dropped to the floor, in two pieces: the left lens and the left templepiece, the right lens, bridge, and right templepiece.

Me: Outstanding.

I have contact lenses; I put in a pair and now can see clearly anything which is at least three feet away from my face. Anything closer than that is a blur. Plus side, I should be able to get a new pair of glasses by tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how fast Lens Crafters can do their thing.

And of the places I've called none of them accept my vision plan, which--to be fair--only costs me $5 a month, but I am paying for it specifically because I needed new glasses.

What? Did you say, "Look at their web site for a list of providers?" HAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAA!! You are so funny! If I could just look it up on a web site that would be easy and convenient, and the shithole doesn't do anything that way.

So I'll suffer being farsighted today, and go get an eye exam and pick out frames; they'll have to order in the lenses since my prescription is so stong and the appointment isn't until this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up new glasses and have regular vision again. If it's going to be much longer than that, I'll stop at a pharmacy and get a cheap pair of reading glasses.

The contacts make it very difficult to do anything at the computer, because even with the screen at a reasonable viewing distance everything is blurry. I'm using my mouse's magnifier setting to see detail when I need to. When I look outside at the house across the street? As sharp as if it were laser-engraved.


* * *

So, by now everyone's heard about the Google software engineer who got fired for expressing his opinion on diversity.

"They first proclaimed their commitment to 'diversity of opinion'--and then they tracked down and fired the guy."

Advice Goddess has the salient quote and I'm going to narrow it down to the exact heresy that got the guy fired:
I'm simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.
That is the reason he got fired; he deviated from the SJW party line that there are no biological differences between the "genders", and the only differences that exist arise from social forces.

That's ascientific claptrap, of course, but SJWs only pay attention to actual science when it suits them.

His conclusion was to treat people as individuals, to accept that people will have different viewpoints as well as different gender identities etc etc etc--and for that, he was fired. Because the one thing that SJWs cannot tolerate is differing viewpoints. Their ideology is so weak it cannot withstand any challenge, and so it must never be challenged. Opposing views must be "no platformed" (which is 21st century speak for "censored").

To read the comments at Vox Day's post, it sounds as if Google cares a lot more about diversity than it does about being one of the top tech companies in the country...and generally as soon as social justice begins to be a company's focus, it fails. Keeping blacklists is a good indication they're close.

If indeed AdWords is the only thing that really keeps Google afloat--well, it'll be a bad thing if the men working on it leave the company. And I say "men" advisedly.

* * *

How typical: union loses election, so they sue. Workers at a Nissan plant in Mississippi voted overwhelmingly against unionizing, so the UAW complained to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) about it.

The workers at that Nissan plant are wise to keep the union out. Unions are obsolete.

* * *

No one will take "Pastor Hillary" seriously. That is to say, no one who is actually a Christian will.

* * *

"At this point I'm starting to wonder if there are any reliable climate data at all." Probably not.

* * *

These contact lenses are making my eyes itch and I can't friggin' see anything closer than three feet. WTF.

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