atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5783: Oh, this AIN'T looking good for Googe.

Let's start here: Ousted questioner of the SJW order submitted complaint to NLRB regarding the hostile work environment at Googe. Said upper management was "misrepresenting and shaming" him in order to silence his complaints.

See, that's pretty bad. A "Hostile work environment" complaint is heap bad juju no matter which company is in the crosshairs. But then combine it with this:
In the comments, one Google employee can be seen asking, "Are such blacklists allowed at Google?" before another added, "I would talk to legal before assembling a list of people who are possibly creating a hostile workplace."

"And now I know that if I ever sue Google for harassment I should demand to see all manager's shit-lists to see if this was something management already knew and thus let happen (my tormentor could be on there and not dealt with). It would probably increase the settlement aware considerably," he continued. "I would encourage anyone else getting mistreated at Google to do the same."
Understand what that public admission of having blacklists means: it means anyone who was ever fired by Googe--for cause or not--can open a lawsuit and subpoena those very same shit lists.

You can't do that--keep a written list of employees you won't have on your team--for whatever reason. God help them if there are any minorities on any of those shit lists, because if there are, this whole thing turns into a civil rights case and the government will throw the book at Googe over that. And having admitted to the existence of those shit lists, those people now cannot delete them, else they risk a charge of "obstruction of justice" should any federal agency request copies of them.

I'd bet a finsky that Googe corporate lawyers are having whole litters of kittens today over all these statements from Googe employees about keeping blacklists.

The funny thing about all this is how completely Googe's actions in this imbroglio have proven the guy's point. That's what they don't seem to notice; so eager are they to punish badthink that they don't realize how perfectly they're following the exact same pattern all SJWs do. The same way the whole "Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies" thing proved that the Hugo Awards are heavily political, this guy's 10-page memo proved that Googe is similarly political.

It's not about search engines and ads and technology any longer; it's about making sure the wrong people can't say what they think.

...and once an organization goes off that cliff, it stops being effective at what it does. Googe is treading very dangerous ground.

* * *

GOP donations are down since they pretended they couldn't repeal Obamacare. The GOP isn't doing what it promised it would do; it is entirely within the rights of its supporters to withhold that support until and unless it GETS ITS SHIT TOGETHER.

That video is NSFW, BTW, but Morty's statement to his sister applies equally to the GOP. They don't seem to realize that without the support of the people, they're nothing but a bunch of unemployed lawyers.

* * *

Welp, I'd better head out to get my eyes examined and a new pair of glasses ordered. Today has been interesting with the contact lenses and all, but I prefer glasses.

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