atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5784: Contact lenses and reading glasses??

+1: Lens Crafters actually takes my crappy insurance, and it saved me a bundle on my new glasses. Like, $300 on the lenses alone, because I have such a strong prescription (-8.5, both eyes).

-1: I have to wait a week for them because they no longer do them "in about an hour".

+1: They gave me a pair of contact lenses, good for two weeks, in my new prescription. The world has never looked clearer.

-1: I needed to buy a pair of reading glasses so I can focus on things closer than about four feet from my head.

+1: I was able to get my eye exam done today and didn't have to wait.

-1: All the frames they had--ALL OF THEM--are square, except for the ultra-dorky ones.

+1: I was able to find something inexpensive that Mrs. Fungus and I could live with.

-1: It took three hours from the moment I walked through the door.


I might be able to fix my glasses enough that I can wear them, but they won't be pretty and they won't be strong. Once this post is done I intend to set out on that little project; these reading glasses will help me do that without me having to take out my contacts.

They only need to last another week.

Meanwhile, the reading glasses make everything concave to me. Suddenly the Giganto-tron is a curved monitor. But I can read the text on the screen without having to squint or use the mouse's magnifier function.

* * *

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Forcing holographic images to appear in mid-air is difficult--or it used to be. It's the ability to display in 3D in real time! We're a bit far from watching television this way, but probably not as far as I'm thinking we are.

Holy crap. Cool.

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