atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5785: Superglue and 5-minute epoxy

Stuck the bridge back onto the left lens--which is superglued into the frame--with more superglue. Once it had cured, surrounded amd reinforced the joint with 5-minute epoxy and allowed it to cure. It is not a super-strong joint, but it's strong enough that I can wear the glasses again.

So I was able to take the contact lenses out and put on my glasses. It took some getting used to glasses after having contacts in for eleven hours, but now I'm back to normal again.

Probably I will still use the contact lenses, because that's my required prescription now, but not at night after I'm done with the day's activities. My eyes still itch from having the damned things in all day. But I have this pair of reading glasses that cost me $25 and I'd hate to have paid that for one night's use.

The thing about contact lenses is, they effectively correct your vision such that it's as if your eyes weren't so out of whack, nearsighted or farsighted or whatever. Putting in the correct RX lenses, suddenly I can't focus on near objects; reading glasses correct for that, with the result that I was sitting here blogging and playing WoW with a total of four corrective lenses. ("Ha ha! Six eyes!")

The overall quality of the correction with contact lenses is better. There's no chromatic aberration, nor do I get the compression of the visual field that happens with glasses, hence the need to adjust when switching between glasses and contact lenses: this morning after I got the contacts in I was dizzy for a bit, and the same happened after I took them out and put these glasses on this evening. The glasses compress the visual field; the contacts do not. And so things appear to move differently when I turn my head.

But of course the superior quality of image correction must be offset by the fact that they're a pain in the ass to insert and remove, and my eyes really don't like them one bit.

Hard to believe it, but in the 1980s I got extended-wear contact lenses and wore them for a week at a time, even sleeping with them in, and never had a problem with them until the lenses themselves suffered premature erosion by my immune system. I think as I've gotten older my eyes have dried out a bit, and that's why I can't even go a day with contacts in.

I really liked contact lenses back then. I still do like them, I suppose, but the discomfort I get from using them is kind of a problem. I'll have to see what I can do about that.

* * *

Hoping to take Maki in to the vet Wednesday to get his incision looked at. Hoping they'll let us ashcan the cone. We'll see.

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