atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5787: Done! It's DONE!!!

Finished the attic tonight.

The only thing remaining in the attic now is the old porch swing; I have removed everything else. The living room and garage are disaster areas but the attic is totally empty.

I just need the other beneficiaries of the estate to come get what they want; then whatever's left can be ashcanned. But Thursday (tomorrow) I am calling to have the dumpster hauled away; it is virtually full. I have a few other things I want to toss in there, but that will have to wait for daylight.

When I call I'm also going to ask if I can put tires in it. I have three of which I wish to dispose. I seem to recall they didn't forbid that, and if they don't, in they go, and that albatross will be gone from my neck.

I know concrete is okay; there are some hunks of concrete from when my brother cut some chunks from around the window well in 2011. Those will go in once it's daylight and I can see them. The planter in which Mom grew green peppers will go in and that will finally be off the patio. Whatever else I can find that is utter trash. That dumpster will be full by the time they pick it up.

I filled it all by myself.

...while finishing up the attic tonight I found a pile of drop ceiling tiles stacked over my bedroom. About a half dozen or so. For friggin' my snack, why? They're now in the dumpster.

Now when I stick my head up into the attic, there is nothing but space there. That's a damned good feeling.

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