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#5793: Whither common sense?

No, the problem with this device is not that it cannot grind salt. The problem is that it exists at all, and costs two hundred freaking dollars.

What is it? A salt shaker that you control with your smartphone. Actually, it's not a salt shaker so much as it is a salt dispenser, one that requires you to run an app if you wish to access all its features (such as the bluetooth speaker and LED mood lighting). It measures and dumps the salt into a little tray, and you sprinkle the salt onto your food from there.

Because the old-fashioned salt shaker, the one where you upend it and shake it back and forth until you have dispensed the salt you want onto your food, THAT user interface was too complex and inconvenient for modern people to tolerate. How much better our lives are now that we can shake our phones instead, and then take the extra step of sprinkling salt onto our food from the dispenser's tray?

Oh, and it works for four hours on a single battery charge, so you need to plug it in when you're not using it. "Damn it, I wanted to put some salt on my baked potato, but someone forgot to charge the salt shaker!"

O brave new world.

* * *

Regarding Googe:

Pixy Misa predicts the end of Googe:
When the CEO of a major public company has to personally address the firing of a single, fairly low-level employee, who has broken no laws nor done anything that--without the leak--anyone outside the company would have even known about, it means that the corporate structure has screwed up, badly.

And the nature and scale of the panic exhibited by Google makes it clear that engineers are no longer running the show.

And that is a huge problem for Google.
It's a huge problem because Googe is--or, at least, was founded to be--first and foremost a technology company. The aim of the company was originally a technical one, meant to solve an increasing number of problems using the Internet and computer technology.

But what's happened now is that the company is changing its focus, from technology to social justice. And as Pixy goes on to say, pretty soon the social justice warriors inside Googe will turn their focus from their internal enemies to external ones.

Related: I laughed out loud when I read this. Because it's so typical:
A Google Research project indicating that underrepresented minorities and Ivy League graduates were more likely to receive softball interviews at the company was shut down by Google’s human resources department upon seeing the results, according to an insider.
So if you went to interview at the Goolag and you happened to be a minority, a woman, or an ivy league graduate, you got softballed and the interviewer gave you high marks. If you were, however, not an ivy league graduate, and/or a white or asian male, you got mixed marks. And people in the latter category, who got mixed reviews from interviewers, tended to go on to be much more successful than the former category.
The Google insider (alias "Chuck"), who worked at the company for several years, was part of a team tasked with determining which Google employees were most likely to succeed at the company based on their interview feedback.
and of course the Goolag's HR department "...promptly shut it down once they realized its results would not serve their goals."

Once they realized that interviewers were discriminating and demonstrating racism and classicism--and that the results of the project showed that, gee, white and asian males end up performing best in a technology company--they immediately shut it down, because BADTHINK IS BAD!!!!!111one-one

* * *

So now I have two ways to refer to that place: Googe, and Goolag. Awesome.

* * *

Revisiting the story about child slavery in the Congo. 60% of the world supply of cobalt comes from the Congo. If you want electric cars, that's where you get 60% of the cobalt needed for their batteries.


* * *

So much of modern anthropology is influenced by Marxism it's impossible to say what is real and what is Lysenkoism these days.

* * *

This sums my reaction to the North Korea thing. It happens all the time, and the only thing different here is that Donald Trump isn't buying their horseshit.

* * *

Yes, if you steal something you get arrested and go to jail. You seriously get arrested for stealing things, even if they're only about $20 or $30.

Did you idiots never learn from your parents that stealing is a crime?


* * *

Climate research.

* * *

So, a week after injuring my finger, it's nearly back to 100%. There's a bit of residual stiffness, and it hurts a bit when I try to make a serious fist, but I can't complain about how quickly I've gotten full use of it back.

Yesterday I took the recycling and donations in. Turned out that only the two Christmas trees and a small bag of clothes were donatable; they don't take Christmas lights that aren't in boxes. Those got recycled instead.

I rearranged the junk in the garage, so now I have full access to mowers and motorcycle and work bench. It's cluttered and you can't walk through the garage, but that state of affairs won't last too much longer, I hope.

And it's a pleasant Saturday. I have things that need doing. Of course.

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