atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5794: Massive clown show in Charlottesville

So, there was a big protest today in Charlottesville, and there was a big antifa counter-protest in Charlottesville, and the antifa goons did what antifa goons do best, which is to bring violence and carnage to an otherwise peaceful demonstration.

Someone rammed a crowd of left-wingers with his car. The instant I heard that I began to wonder if the person driving that car was actually a left-winger himself?

At this point there's no way to tell. The license plates on the car in question pointed at one person, who says he sold the car to another person who was driving at the time of the incident. This is why you always take your license plates off a car you're selling. Holy crap. The guy who sold the car is anti-Trump; no word on the political affliation of the guy driving the car. But you can bet if he even thought about voting for Trump in 2016 he'll be pilloried by our "unbiased" media.

Anyway, besides this nonsense, there's a helicopter crash in the same area which may or may not have been a police helicopter. There are conflicting reports about that incident, too.

Did someone shoot down a helicopter?


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