atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5799: This is going to take some getting used to.

New glasses came in today, so I went and got them, and it's going to be a bit of an adjustment.

Strongest RX ever, lenses are wider than the old pair, and everything is convex and moves incorrectly. I'm used to this when getting a new pair of lenses, though, so that's not too bad.

Mrs. Fungus is unhappy that I couldn't find a pair of frames like my old ones. These--like every single last pair of frames in the store--are square.

...and I'm not sure I like them.

The frames are made by Oakley, and they're pretty sturdy, but the lenses are wide and there's a lot of chromatic aberration at the sides. I keep taking them off because they press wrong on my nose and my temples. Everything looks wrong because when I move my head things are not looking the way they normally do.

I keep telling myself to take it easy and get used to them.

But on-line ( I found a pair of glasses almost exactly like my old ones...for nearly three hundred bucks less than this pair.

I have never bought a pair of eyeglasses and then taken them back, but I may do it this time. Besides, they were supposed to give me an RX for contact lenses as well, and didn't, even though they charged me for it. Right at the bottom of the RX, it's checked by "not approved for contact lenses".

All I need is for my wife to come home and measure the distance between my pupils. I've checked it 3x using their method and come up with 63mm each time, but I want to be certain.

$56 is better than $351. And they'll be a style I like.

Come to think of it--I wonder if they actually used high-index lenses? I paid (through the ass) for lenses with a 1.67 index of refraction, but these lenses have a lot more curve to them than the old ones, and the RX is not that much stronger--half a diopter or so. And sitting here at the computer, these glasses make the right side of the monitor look taller than the left side. How is that even possible? Looks like the glasses don't sit square to my face, which is no surprise considering how much of a hurry the person was to get them fit to me. Didn't offer any real assistance with fitting them, just handed them over.

The geometry of the monitor changes depending on where I'm looking. For crying out loud, my prescription changed by half a diopter. It shouldn't be this huge a difference!

These are the worst glasses I've ever had. Guess I'm going back to my old ones for a little while longer.

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