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#5801: Oh, it most assuredly IS.

You may not think that violence and hatred is part of being "liberal" but it most assuredly is.
For the record, this is not illustrative of all of the left or even and especially of all of my liberal friends. (That shouldn't have to be said, but we seem to have spell out things like that these days.) In fact, I'm partially writing this because I know a lot of my liberal friends are blessedly NOT privy to this part of the left. I was talking with a friend who is also liberal and she does not see this kind of stuff regularly, like I do.
The violence that has come since Trump's inauguration is part and parcel of leftism and it always has been. You can go back to the Progressive movement in the early 20th century and find it there. You can go back to the late 19th century and find it there. Violence follows leftism the way seagulls follow a tractor pulling a plow.
I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering censorship and defending violence as a response to speech. I see seemingly reasonable people wishing death on others and laughing at escalating suicide and addiction rates of the white working class. I see liberal think pieces written in opposition to expressing empathy or civility in interactions with those with whom we disagree. I see 63 million Trump voters written off as "nazis" who are okay to target with physical violence. I see concepts like equality and justice being used as a mask for resentful, murderous rage.
What you see is not a transformation, but the slipping of that mask you mention. Leftism has always been full of hatred and rage. Leftism has always cheered censorship. It has always wished death on those who opposed it. It has always written off its opponents as insane or stupid and it has always justified violence against its opponents for those reasons. That "resentful, murderous rage" has always been there.

It's why one hundred million people were murdered in the twentieth century.

I know a lot of people would like to think that they're leftists because leftists are "nicer" than other people...but that's actually part of the problem.

* * *

The soft eugenic movement. Legalized abortion on demand has all but eliminated Down's Syndrome from Iceland. This is hailed as a great leap forward for medical science.

...what Iceland has done, in fact, is to simply execute any person found to have Down's Syndrome. They're doing this in the womb, so it doesn't look like that, of course. The result, however, belies the method.

Killing people with undesriable traits. 100% eugenicist.

* * *

"The Nazi party platform could have been written by Occupy Wall Street or Bernie F*ing Sanders."

Love the Twitter exchange:
Shaun: nothing wrong with punching nazis, foxy

[REDACTED]: Is punching commies ok as well?

Shaun: probably not. you shouldn't hit people just because you disagree with them about something
If punching nazis is okay, punching commies is, too. After all, they both like the same things--oppressing people, mass murder, total state control of your life, you know.

* * *

So, incidentally, looks like the leader of the protest in Charlottesville was indeed a left-winger. Guy went from being an Obama voter to suddenly realizing he was a white supremecist.

No, I wouldn't think to doubt his sudden conversion. *rolleyes*

* * *

Well, here we are at the end of another post, and I've got nothing clever to add to any of that. Oh well.

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