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#5803: They REALLY didn't like that!

The mainstream media never covers leftist violence. They always hush it up. Since Trump's inauguration, none of the major media outlets have covered any of the antifa horseshit.

So when the President identified the real aggressors in Saturday's riot the press needed to shut that down ASAP.

And the press really lost its shit when he referred to the "alt-left".

Now the mainstream media is letting its bias show by inciting leftist violence.

John C. Wright refers to the press as "howler monkeys" and he's not far wrong.

Of course the left is doubling down on violence because it's the only thing they have left. Having lost at the polls, now they begin to foment riots and sedition. It's what they do.

* * *

...but over the past couple of weeks, I have become sick of all that horseshit. The media has finally let go of the Russia nonsense, but they still want to get Trump any way they can, and now it's going to be several months of the press attempting to tie him to the American Nazi Party and the KKK, even as they continue to ignore leftist violence.

If there were anything I could do to make it stop, I would. There isn't, and all I can really do is descend into humor: if only ¡El Horno! were here! He would save us! Wouldn't you love to see him put a reverse suplex on one of those annoying cretins in the media?


* * *

The show last night was simply amazing.

Cirque du Soleil is basically a circus without the animals. A circus is a series of acts, people doing stunts and displaying skills like juggling or tumbling or what-have-you. But the performers in these things are amazing to behold.

It's not just the acrobatics that amaze, but the combination of motion, sound, and light. It becomes a celebration of the human ability to use mass and gravity and inertia to make beautiful things happen.

The thing opens with a woman in a costume running on a treadmill. She's a dancer and an acrobat, and she's doing a dance run, not a sprint. Her costume has big billowy monarch butterfly wings attached to it, run by puppeteers, and the whole thing turns into a showcase--a celebration--of the human form.

There was a breathtaking performance where a woman on a trapeze does an acrobatic routine while another woman on the stage with a 6-foot wooden hoop dances with it. It was absolutely enchanting to behold, especially when it began to rain on them. I can't explain or describe why, but that act was the one that made the show for me.

A man on a trapeze, doing his routine over a three-foot-deep pool of water--the water was part of his performance, so when he'd go skyward, spinning, drops of water would spiral away from him, making these ephemeral helices in the air.

They had a waterfall system in the middle of the stage, and what's more it was computer controlled so they used it to print images in the air--leaves or droplets or fish or what-have-you--which of course only lasted until the drops hit the stage. But it was magnificent.

It was simply magnificent. I have never seen anything like it.

The first Cirque show I saw was Dralion, and it was a technical tour de force, showcasing jaw-dropping feats of juggling and acrobatics. The second one I saw was Kurios, which had masterful stagecraft. Luzia hit all the notes perfectly, amazing feats combined with sheer artistry.

This is the kind of thing that restores my faith in humanity. It reminds me that humans are capable of great and beautiful things.

* * *

Up until 3 AM doing two things: a favor for my wife, and trying to add to the novel.

I was not as successful as I would have liked, at either.

She wanted me to do a load of laundry for her. I got the clothes washed, but forgot to start the dryer; when I went to bed she reminded me that I'd promised to bring them up, and discovered my mistake. Started the dryer and then went back to the computer for another forty minutes while I waited for her clothes to dry, then brought them up and retired for the night.

Added a couple of pages to the novel, as well. Just two. It's better than none, though. In general I'm happy with where the story is right now, but I'm faced with a couple months of time to fill, in story, with nothing happening. Everyone is going somewhere now, and it takes months to travel between star systems, so there probably will be a jump in continuity at the next chapter. "Hey, suddenly it's December, everyone!"

Meanwhile there is a kitten sleeping on my chest. I need to go to the bathroom but I don't want to move and wake him up. *sigh*

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