atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5804: Okay, THIS is summer weather

It's 12:30 AM, and it's 77° with 94% humidity. July weather has mid-August.

* * *

Hitler on National Socialism. That's Nazism, and Hitler invented the frickin' thing. I think he'd know what it was he was inventing, don't you?

* * *

The quote here is perfect.
"Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can't stand their own history anymore...yet somehow it's Trump's fault." — Jeff Laffite Jones
Indeed, that is so.

The history of slavery and racism in the United States really is the history of the Democrat party. They just don't want anyone to know it.

* * *

One thing about Charlottesville--I'd bet a finsky that the American people are not fooled by the media spin on it. I don't know how to defend that feeling; I'm not sure it can be, not logically...but the election of Donald Trump demonstrates to me that perhaps the people aren't quite as duped as the elites would like to think they are. And if that's so, then the people will be noticing what is being covered, and how, and are not going to react the way the elites expect when push comes to shove.

* * *

Well, I have lots to do tomorrow. Better hit the hay.

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