atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5805: That was a LONG train.

So, today's major task: interview in Aurora. Tier 1 tech support job, so it combines my recent phone center experience with my career-long technical experience. Hopefully it will result in MAJOR MONEY, because I need it.

Anyway, on the way home I stopped at Lenscrafters and returned the shitty glasses. Next step is to make an appointment at the eye doc, get a real eye exam, and then go to that web site where I saw glasses almost exactly like my old ones for $56 all-in.

Hadn't had anything to eat--and by then it was almost 5:30--so I then went to the mall's food court and had Sarku's teriyaki, which is not too shabby.

Drive home was marred only by the train. Guy in front of me turned around when the locomotive in the middle of the train came into view, and I followed him. Okay, when you've been sitting there for more than five minutes watching train cars go by and another locomotive appears, that means you're in for a long wait. Illinois is largely flat, distributed power is a pain, and thus they only splice locomotives into the middle of very long trains. So I turned around and went another route, and did not catch up to the locomotive end of the train until I was in the next town south from the crossing, where there's a bridge over the track.

That train was 2.5 miles long from head end to the engine in the middle, more or less. yeah, not sorry I decided not to wait, but all this meant that I got home a bit more than five hours after I left. *sigh*

Long day, and I'm tired, but I'm still going to have to cook something for dinner. I suppose I ought to figure out what that's going to be.

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