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#5806: TRUMP FOR PRESID--oh, yeah.

"Study what General Pershing...did," tweeted teh Awesome in Chief.

* * *

Meanwhile, McCain, Romney, and Rubio "...endorsed the left-wing media's preferred narrative and embraced the masked thugs of Antifa as heroes."

I am not surprised. Romney is just Obama Lite. McCain--I'm not going to make light of his condition, as tempting as that is under these circumstances, but he ought to retire right now and spend his remaining days in leisure, checking things off his bucket list. These two men are has-beens, politically, for one reason or another, and I don't expect either to run for President again.

Rubio, however, has just guaranteed that he will never, never, ever get my vote for President.

The leftists in antifa are not "heroes" any more than Josef Stalin or Vladimir Lenin were heroes. They are just babies throwing a violent temper tantrum. For Republicans to hail antifa brats as "heroes" is so far beyond the pale, you can't even see the pale from where you're standing when you're there.

* * *

I agree: Gun permits from one state must be valid in another state just like driver's licenses.

* * *

Fred asks questions. I'll answer two of them.

What policy do you recommend toward American citizens of Latino descent? He gives my answer: encourage assimilation. They're citizens; they have a right to be here.

What policy do you recommend toward those illegals who do not leave? Enforce the employment laws and punish employers who hire illegal labor. Stop giving illegal aliens government assistance. I can guarantee that this will make most of the remainder leave the country. Once that's done, the illegal population will be small enough to be managed by ICE and its normal procedures.

* * *

Yesterday was hot. Today is pleasant.

I put in contact lenses for the interview, so I'm sitting here with my reading glasses on so I can see the screen. Somehow this makes me feel sophisticated.

Hoping to have good weather for the eclipse. The Fungal Vale is going to experience 87% totality. I'm going to make a camera obscura, and of course I have the face shield that came with my welder; I've used it before to look at the sun without trouble, so that'll be good.

In 1979 I made a camera obscura for the eclipse that took place in February, and took it to school with me. So everyone in my class got to see the eclipse through my camera obscura.

On the news the other night I heard that the Chicago school system hadn't figured out what to do about the eclipse. They don't want to do anything that might encourage the kids to learn something, you know, so they can't have the kids take a shoebox, put a pinhole in one end, cut a window in the other, and tape a piece of paper over it. The kids might start wondering how that works. It might encourage them to figure out how to make other things.

You know, you go from making a simple solarscope right to the pipe bombs and methamphetimine reactors.


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