atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5809: That had BETTER be the last of it

So, today was time to clean out the closet in the computer room, which formerly was Mom's room.

I'd already gone through the closet once, in 2012 when I was cleaning the room out and preparing it to be the computer room; but today I got everything out of the closet.

Including the Christmas tree.

Mom and Dad decorated the thing--I'm not sure when, exactly--and had originally stored it in the garage. After Dad died we stored it in his closet, and after 2012 I stored it in this one. The tree was used, unaltered from its original motif, for quite a long time, until 2014. In 2015 and 2016 Mrs. Fungus and I got a real tree, and I expect that trend to continue, so this one was redundant.

Today I took it apart, saving out some of the ornaments, and tossing everything else. I am keeping some of the ornaments--a small box (about shoebox size) full--but everything else went. The tree and the lights will be recycled.

Went through the boxes in the closet, tossed most of it as useless trash. Set aside a few things for the other beneficiaries of the estate to look through. I've set aside a total of three or four pairs of roller skates, all Mom's. I found a box of wheels in the attic, but one set literally crumbled at the touch, so I tossed them all.

There was also a tub of Mom's skating clothes. Mostly leotards, which got dumped, because you can't donate them. That made room for the clothes that I hadn't donated in 2012, and they all went into the tub.

Now, that should be the last of the estate property that needs sorting. There isn't anything else anywhere in the house that should need sorting or checking. All the closets, all the cabinets, all the cupboards, everything has been gone through.

So all that's left is for the people who want this junk to come get it.

Meanwhile, I need to go through one of the kitchen cupboards, just to clean and organize it. Nothing estate-related in there, just cat food and kitchen implements. Whee!

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