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#5814: Slept

After the last post was done, I watched a few YouTube videos, mainly catching up on mechanical things I've been watching here and there. About 4-ish I finished that, looked at my options, and ended up collapsing in bed. Various interruptions kept me from sleeping well. My phone rang three times, Mrs. Fungus came in with cats and laid down with me for a while, I had to hit the can, and so on--with the result that what would be, under ordinary circumstances, a 90-120 minute nap, ended up being closer to three hours.

Oh well.

* * *

Borepatch on the eclipse. That second photograph is what I was hoping to see today, but it was just cloudy enough that there wasn't enough direct sunlight to make shadows. You could look up and see the sun through a thin layer of clouds, but there were no shadows. In fact, there was one point where the cloud layer was thick enough that I could look right at the sun with no shielding.

The camera obscura worked fine. The welding shield worked fine.

"Why didn't you use your telescope?" My fancy reflecting telescope isn't built for solar observation; that's in the manual. Subjecting it to direct sunlight can ruin the optics.

Totality observed here, and photographed. Pretty amazing!

* * *

Yes, this. I have never found sports entertaining. I enjoy neither the "kick/throw/hit a ball/puck around with/without sticks" type nor the "high performance body" type. I barely enjoy motorsports of various kinds, mainly because machines are involved, but even that is something I can take or leave, mostly "leave".

So the news that a football game is 11 minutes of action and 49 minutes of loitering does not surprise me at all.

* * *

This guy does the Doctor Who theme in various styles. First came across it at AoSHQ, where they embedded the "John Carpenter" version. But he's also done "Jon Vangelis", "Jean_Michel Jarre", "Tangerine Dream", "Delia Derbyshire", and "Kraftwerk" versions.

Pretty cool!

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