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#5815: Washing! Priming! Spackling! Painting!

Finished washing the ceilings in most of the public area of the house. Still need to do part of the front hallway but that won't take long; and then while that's drying I'm heading to the hardware store for a few minor things: primer, a gallon of Ultra White, and some dropcloths. Everything else that I need to do the ceilings, I should already have.

Today will be kind of a long one, I think. Oh well.

* * *

Kitten likes to lay under the desk and lick and/or attack my feet. It gets old faster than you'd think.

* * *

You know, Dark Herald makes some good points here. First off, Joss Whedon really ain't all that good.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example, I hated. IIRC Angel was a spinoff of that. Never watched much else of his.

Firefly may be a fluke. Then again:
In looking over these shows I can't help but wonder if someone else was doing all the heavy lifting while Joss Whedon was busy being a genius feminist. After all this has happened before in Hollywood. I have pointed out in the past that Gene Roddenberry gets a hell of a lot credit for something that Gene L. Coon built.

When you look at Whedon's best works the name that keeps coming up is Tim Minear. He keeps getting referred to as an integral part of the Whedonverse. Maybe I'm wrong here but I don't see how Joss Whedon could have come up with Mal Reynolds and Jayne Cobb.
If Firefly hadn't crashed and burned after half a season--a season is two cours, 26 episodes, and Firefly made it to one cour before being canceled--it probably would have ended up being total shit due to the SJW politics of its nominal creator.

All it would take is an episode centering on SJW sensibilities, and Mal Reynolds would turn into a pussyhat-wearing squish faster than you could say "Mudder's Milk". Jayne Cobb would be the foil in that episode, showing how meany-mean-headed was anyone who disagreed with the SJW shibboleth presented.

It would have happened if the series had continued, and it would have ruined it entirely, far worse than simply canceling it.

You know, Dark Herald raises some good points about Roddenberry vs. Coon...and I'm going to have to read his other posts about that later, when there's time.

There is not time now, as I must visit the hardware store, and then get to paintin' things.

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