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#5817: Sometimes they hit back

Don't throw shit at an armed man. I have to admit to a certain amount of schadenfreude: anti-Trump protestor attempts to kick a tear gas canister back at police, and gets nailed in the junk with another tear gas canister.

The idiot had enough forethought to bring a gas mask with him; why didn't he wear a cup?

Right now the efforts of antifa are being tacitly accepted by big city governments, because the big cities are Democrat strongholds and Democrats don't mind leftist violence. But they cannot be too nice to antifa lest people make the connection (too late, assholes) and when the President is around they must be serious about security. And of course some big city governments are going to be less tolerant of antifa and their violence than others, regardless of ideology.

So, yeah: you kick a tear gas canister at the cops, they might just fire another one in your direction. What the hell, the guy probably identified as a woman anyway.

* * *

ESPN pulls an announcer from a game in Virginia, because the announcer's name is "Robert Lee".

The announcer is asian.


* * *

Valerie Plame is trying to raise money to buy Twitter so she can cancel Trump's account. And?

Here's what would happen if her lunatic plan was brought to fruition: Trump would move to Gab, and so would everyone else interested in hearing what he has to say. The media peforce would cover Trump's comments on Gab, popularizing the Twitter alternative.

End result: foolish waste of time and money. Perfect!

* * *

Shower leaked again. Mrs. Fungus got up to go to work and took a shower, and the result was more water in the basement, even though the shower curtain was in place.


I did two things to stop it. One, turned the shower head so it's no longer blasting water on the wall at the foot of the tub. This required actually re-screwing the shower head because there's no adjustibility in it. We have a filter thingy on the stem coming from the wall, which removes chlorine and some of the rust from the water, but it butts right up against the back of the shower head and keeps it from moving at all.

Pointed the stream towards the tub.

Taped down the shower curtain and secured it to the tub with hard drive head magnets.

Took a shower: no leaks.

...why this wasn't a problem until after we replaced the shower curtain, I don't know, because that shower head hasn't moved in a couple of months, since the last time I changed the filter cartridge.

WTF, I say! WTF!

When I redo that friggin' bathtub surround, I think I'm going to put in a "rainfall" shower head--even though that means replacing drywall in the soffitt--because that way the water will go straight down into the tub from overhead.

I'm going to have to learn how to tape drywall, anyway, because while working on the family room yesterday I discovered a place where the guy who did our windows didn't fix the drywall under the south window. I mean, the joint tape is gone entirely, and the edges of the drywall are eroded, as if the old window leaked--I know we had some trouble with that in other rooms--but you'd think that fixing the drywall would be part of the process, you know? Apparently not!

Anyway, I know of at least seven places where I need to fix the drywall, and in most of them it's going to mean taking out damaged gypsum and replacing it with new stuff. In only one of those cases will I be able to get away with not taping (that's the bathtub surround) and otherwise it'll have to look as good as I can make it look.

Now, Dad put a wall in the family room sometime in the late 1980s. Just a little one, a partition between kitchen and family room, with a half-wall blocking off the view of the stairs. When he taped the drywall, though, instead of putting in corner bead, he taped the corners. Twenty-thirty years on, that's...deteriorating. So it's looking like I'll have to peel that shit off, put in corner beads, re-tape them, then prime and paint, if I want them to be right...and I for damn sure want them to be right.

And it'll mean repainting the kitchen, too. Well, Mrs. Fungus wants a lighter shade of yellow in there, anyway, so that's okay. I just hope I can get the corner bead in around the cabinets and countertop, without having to disassemble anything major.

Well--no one said it would be a walk in the park.

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