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#5818: Well, that day went fast

I have four links, all from Zero Hedge, that I'm commenting on.

First up, two about the Commie News Network:

Changing the headline so that it's no longer fatuously claiming that antifa is striving for "peace through violence". The hell of it is, they didn't change it because the headline was risibly self-contradictory, but because it showed antifa's Machiavellian streak ("the end justifies the means!").

They didn't change a stupid headline because it was stupid, but to make antifa look better!

* * *

Have to wonder how quickly they shut down comments from this panel of plain folks.

I refuse to watch that horseshit so I don't know, but I can guess. I saw an exchange when some big hurricane was hitting land in Florida between Dan Rather and a meteorologist:
Dan Rather: So, doctor, will we be seeing more violent hurricanes like this one as global warming continues?

Meteorologist: Well, Dan, right now we don't really have any evidence that the globe is warming, but as hurricanes--

Dan Rather: OHHHH WELLLL DOCTOR excuse me we have a report from [so-and-so]!
...and strangely enough that was the only time we saw that guy during the entire broadcast. And a fiver says someone got fired over that one. Heh.

* * *

Why would you think electricity use would rise during an eclipse when everyone is outside looking at the thing? Because one patch of shadow, 70 miles across, sweeping the country, will turn on streetlights? This is dumb.

* * *

Baltimore and Chicago are shitholes.

* * *

So much for the links!

After the nonsense this morning with the shower, Mrs. Fungus elected to stay home to help me with fixing the problem. Once it was fixed, and I'd had a shower and blogged and done everything else, we went to bed, and slept until 3 PM. I got up, fiddled with the computer, then made dinner; and after dinner I went back to bed for a few more hours.

Nah, neither of us is tired at all. Why do you ask?

...we have not, in fact, had an actual day of rest for some time. There have been things to do even on her days off, and as a result we haven't had a day where we could sleep in for quite a while.

That kind of thing wears a person thin.

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