atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#581: Where is the ACLU?

Today Neal Boortz in "Neal's Nuze" we learn that "...students in Nyssa, Oregon are learning the Muslim religion in history class."

Cue the ACLU.


(psst! ACLU! You're on!)


As is pointed out in the article that Boortz links to, if this history class included a unit on the history of Christianity, what do you think would happen?

"Class, today we're going to start our unit on the history of Christia--"
"Excuse me."
"You have been served."

The 9th Circuit Court (yeah, them) said that a similar situation was perfectly all right.

So let me understand this: if it's Christian, the Constitution forbids it. But if it's Muslim, it's "cultural education".


* * *

By the way: Liberals are now "progressives". I'm not sure which term is more damning, after reading that article.

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