atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5827: Front hall ceiling done

I did it with the remaining half-gallon from Saturday's work, too. Got the whole thing done, and it looks good--certainly better than the family room ceiling did after its first coat on Friday. It depends on what Mrs. Fungus thinks, but I'm pretty sure this will only need the one coat. Maybe a little touch-up here and there, but nothing major.

We're picking color for the family room and computer room (at least) on Monday, so I expect to be painting the family room walls next week. Which means sometime in the next few days I need to get after patching the drywall in the family room and sanding all the spackling on the walls, and masking woodwork, and in general preparing them for paint.

Plus side: Harbor Freight has several different power sanders on sale, and on Monday the 4th there's a 25% off coupon, so I think I'll be getting some kind of power sanding tool soon. Suggestions appreciated on what type--palm, finish, belt, orbital--would be best for smoothing spackle.

So I've learned a good lesson from all this. Never buy paint from Ace Hardware, because even their cheap paint is overpriced. I suppose if I had bought their Valspar brand (at $44 a gallon) it would have performed as well as the Dutch Boy has, but the Dutch Boy is half the price of the Valspar and I can get it in Ultra White latex with eggshell finish.

I've got errand days Tue and Wed, so probably I won't do more work before Thu. Thu it's supposed to be reasonably cool outside, so I'm hoping to get up into the attic and start work on patching the ceiling in the computer room. Once the patch is in and sanded smooth I can paint the computer room's ceiling...and, no doubt, paint it again, because the cigarette smoke contamination is bad in here. (Maybe get a gallon of primer to lay down first, because dang.)

The thing that amazes me the most about all this? I actually know how to do it. I go to the hardware store knowing what I need, and not needing help finding it; when I go to work on the task, I do the job, and do it right, exactly as Dad taught me. And the results are stunning, looking like we paid a professional a hell of a lot of money to do it. Thanks, Dad!

Once we're done with all this, this shack is going to look like an entirely different place. I can't wait. I know Mrs. Fungus can't wait, either.

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