atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5828: Bad idea to open your mouth and "remove all doubt".

Says he doesn't believe in "instant karma" but thinks Texas deserved the huge disaster because they went Trump in '16.

"...[S]omeone in a position of public trust (i.e. a teacher) who acts like a total dickhead definitely needs a lesson in manners. He got fired for his asinine tweet.

If "hate speech" should be a firing offense when right-wingers do it, it damned well ought to be a firing offense when left-wingers do it.

More leftist hate speech. The guy who drew it didn't get fired, but Politico deleted the tweet containing it after there was backlash.

You know, I'm glad to see this. There was a time when leftists could get away with saying any damned thing they pleased, no matter how noxious.

* * *

Wow, people ambushing and shooting at rescue teams. But of course those rescue teams are "raciss" for ending their efforts at aiding hurricane victims.

* * *

UN-inspirational sayings. I find most "inspirational" quotes nauseating, to one extent or another.

* * *

Tomorrow I am hoping to patch some drywall. Maybe paint the kitchen ceiling.

I just don't know. The grass needs cutting. *sigh*

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