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#5829: I've had the Jeep for 10 years

Brought it home on Thursday, August 23, 2007. Holy crap. I've owned it longer than the State of Indiana did!

* * *

Apparently the Raspberry Pi 3 is powerful enough to act as a video player. First I heard of that. I'm going to experiment a bit and see how it goes. Wouldn't it be funny if I could use it to play all that anime which the BluRay player can't play, because it doesn't have a codec?

That's when I have time. Which isn't now. Not when I have so much painting to do.

* * *

Absolutely I will not spend any money at Camping World, since you insist. Owner of Camping World said, "If you're OK with what Trump said, don't shop at my business." Now, however, he's trying to walk that back, with the usual weasel-worded nonsense. Well, no: I think his initial outburst was how he really feels about it, so I'm going to make sure he doesn't have to take any of my right-wing-tainted money.

Indeed, #BoycottCampingWorld. The owner of the business doesn't want money from Trump supporters. I'm sure if I find myself needing any kind of camping or outdoor supplies I can find a company which doesn't sneer at my politics.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus has started rewatching True Blood. I don't like vampires at all, but the show is fairly entertaining. Where else would you have a vampire named Bill?

...although I find myself in 100% agreement with the "crazy religious people" on the show who want to kill vampires. I know I'm supposed to regard them as insane and/or stupid, but I don't, because--see above--I don't like vampires at all.

The main character--herself in love with vampire Bill--is all for vampire rights: letting them marry, and so on. Me, now that vampires are "out of the coffin" as they say in the show (obvious parallel with homosexuality is obvious) I think people should go to war against the vampires and slaughter them all. Let the governments of the world offer bounties for vampire scalps.

I really don't like vampires. Vampires are undead; the undead are abominations. And they kill people, for crying out loud! But I can kind of step past that and enjoy the show, even though I want to see half the characters get wooden stakes through their hearts ASAP.

A bunch of character actors show up in the thing. The guy who played E.B. Farnum in Deadwood. The woman who played Ensign Ro Laren in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The guy who played Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise. The guy who was in Office Space as the farsighted guy who had the thing for the red Swingline stapler. The guy who played the town bigwig in Under the Dome.

There's plenty of humor in the series, at least so far, which helps.

* * *

The front hall only needed one coat on its ceiling. It looks fantastic. Next up: the kitchen ceiling!
Tags: #boycottcampingworld

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