atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5837: 230 miles before 10:30

Down to U of I and back, taking Maki to his rehab treatment. We leave him there for a few days at a time, and they work on increasing his leg's range of motion. Left this morning at 6, got back at 10:15, and FFFFFFUUUUUUU--

And I have to do it again on Friday to retrieve the little critter.

In between, I have to sand and mask and paint and-and-and in three rooms plus install new light fixtures and so forth.

Today my game plan starts with a friggin' nap. Then I'm going to get after doing as much paint prep as I can on the family room and hallways. Goal is to have family room ready for painting tomorrow and the hallways ready for paint on Thursday, and maybe have computer room ready for ceiling paint by Saturday.

Well, it's a full life etc.

* * *

The income tax code is as complicated as possible on purpose so that tax accountants are necessary. Besides, with all the complexity, it's very easy to slip loopholes in for big donors.

* * *

Smart meters take about 40 years to save users enough money to make their installation cost-effective. Hey, it only takes 40 years to pay for itself! Get two!

* * *

Eat vegan or starve. "I'm thinking it over!"

* * *

Expected high temp today is 67°. Good day to go into the attic and work on patching that hole in the computer room's ceiling.

After my nap.

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