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Amazingly enough, immigrants depress wages. See: we get a President who insists that the government enforce immigration laws. Government does so, lowering the incidence of illegal immigration. Wages begin to rise.
According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 56% of America's developers are reporting labor shortages, which is forcing them to increases wages and improve working conditions to attract new talent.

In fact, according to Ted Wilson of Residential Strategies Inc. construction costs have risen by 30% this year--the majority of which is due to higher wages and increased overtime pay. That is, companies are being forced to hire American workers, and pay wages at fair market value.
This is why so companies are all for amnesty and open borders: because it keeps labor costs artificially low. As an employer, why would you hire an American worker, for whom you'd have to submit W2s and pay FICA and social security and a passel of other taxes besides also paying him $15 an hour plus benefits and dealing with tax withholding, when you can pay an illegal alien a straight $15 an hour cash (or less!), without all the paperwork?

The "30% increase" mentioned in the blockquote is the extra cost associated with hiring Americans--not wages, but the taxes and benefits and bookkeeping required by the government, which are all absent when you're paying an illegal alien cash under the table.

I simply do not have any sympathy for any company which hires illegal labor. They complain about how "Americans won't do these jobs!" but Americans will do them if they are compensated for them. What these people mean is that Americans won't do those jobs for the kind of shit wages that illegal aliens will accept.

* * *

This is the kind of thing that happens when law-abiding citizens are armed. Three thugs in a car try to perpetrate a drive-by shooting. Guy returns fire, killing two of them. That's at least two criminals who are no longer going to be shooting at people from moving vehicles.

* * *

We'll see how far this actually goes. Every year, American Horror Story tells a different story. This year, it's about a cult, and apparently it makes fun of left-wing unhinged-ness in the wake of the Trump election.

As I say, we'll see how far it goes.

* * *

Karl Denninger on hurricane preparedness. He lives in an area which is projected to get rained on a lot by Irma, yet the local WalMart sold out of bottled water.


Harvey's landfall in Houston, and now Irma's impending strike on Florida, remind me that we here in America do not build our homes for the conditions we can reasonably expect them to encounter.

It's true that a house near the Atlantic Ocean may never experience a hurricane. But when it does, it's a crapshoot whether it will survive undamaged, because it's neither designed nor built to withstand one.

From the builder's standpoint, it's cheaper not to build a robust structure. The kind of roofing which can survive sustained 100+ MPH winds is more expensive than simple asphalt shingles. Brick or concrete exterior walls are costly. And if the house gets blown down by a hurricane, well, that's why you have homeowner's insurance. Right?

* * *

In South Korea, they have a reality show about people who have escaped from North Korea.
In one episode last year, when the host asked who among them had seen a public execution, all 14 guests replied in the affirmative.

"Our district representative said everyone in our town had to attend the execution. So we all went to the field and saw this trial for two young men, a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old," one guest explained. "The soldiers brought some bundle of cotton, put it inside the two men's mouths and blindfolded them. Then the state security soldiers brought them to the two tall stakes that were already there and tied them up and the six soldiers started shooting."
But, hey! It's not real communism, right?

* * *

Can't think of a title for this post. Oh well.

As for the renovations, Mrs. Fungus doesn't want the planter, so I'll be capping the wall with drywall. I'm going to need to go get some corner bead, and "mud", and taping knives, because this is going to be a project. The north side needs new drywall and there's another spot where I need to replace about a 5x8" piece of sheetrock, so it's going to be "entertaining" to get all this done. Plus side, none of it is rocket science.

Watched a couple of YouTube videos and it looks like a fairly straightforward process. I just need to get the tools and materials. Once it's done I expect it'll look pretty good, and I'll know it was done correctly.


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