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#5840: Kitchen ceiling today

...or bust. And whatever else I can get done. Painting the kitchen ceiling will take a few hours, most of that being prep work.

Tomorrow I have to go retrieve Maki from the rehab folks; they think they've done everything they can for him. We have about a month's worth of PT left to do on him, twice per day.

But once I'm home from that, I'm hoping to get started on that wall that needs fixing--corner bead, replace that one sheet of drywall, cap off the wall, mud everything, prime and paint. It's going to take a few days to do everything, mostly because you have to let the mud dry between coats. Well, there's the 20-minute kind; I suppose I could use that, but I'd still want to let it dry overnight before priming. Regardless, that job is going to be pretty involved.

How much fun etc.

* * *

This is not a hack. This is just common sense. All the computing hardware in the bunker is on UPS and has been for years. Both computers, the modem and router, and the switch--all have battery backup so that if the power fails, you can keep right on truckin'.

The router doesn't need much; a $60 UPS is enough.

You don't do this for the rare outage that lasts longer than 5 minutes; you do this for the short ones, where the power cuts out for thirty seconds and comes back on again. That keeps you from losing whatever you're working on, and as a bonus you don't have to turn everything off and unplug it the instant you hear the rumble of thunder. But when the power goes off and stays off, the UPS gives you time to save up and shut down cleanly.

But it's not a "hack" and it doesn't take a stroke of genius to figure it out.

* * *

I was kind of wondering about that: the Utah cop who falsely arrested a nurse for obeying the law got fired from his part-time ambulance job. The first story I read about all this made mention of the cop saying that from then on he would only bring "indigent" patients to that hospital, and take ones with insurance etc to other hospitals.

The other story didn't make it clear that the guy moonlighted as an ambulance driver, nor what, exactly, he was talking about, at least not clear enough that I felt it solid enough to comment on--but come to find that my suspicions about that bit were correct. I mean, you can't do that kind of thing, and the ambulance service that employed him cut him loose because of the threat.

* * *

Planned Parenthood, being a leftist organization, is upset that Trump undid Obama's illegal DACA policy. I don't know what to add to that.

Just remember that poor kid that Clinton sent back to Cuba. That's Democrat "compassion" for you.

* * *

Looks like the Chinese Academy of Science didn't get the global warming memo. Medieval Warm Period took place in China as well as Europe, demonstrating that it was a global climate optimum.

"100% of net global warming in the past century is the result of data tampering. All of it." Because adjustering and fiddleating the warming into existence means it's "man-made".

* * *

The joke book is not an invention of post-Renaissance Europe. People have made jokes as long as there's been language, and quite possibly before.

There is an ancient Greek text which contains nothing but ethnic jokes--the BC version of the polock joke--but I can't recall the ethnicity it belittled.

People are people, no matter what era they come from.

* * *

The other night, Mrs. Fungus watched Moana. Generally speaking I do not like Disney's animated films because of the singing, but this one song I found catchy and engaging.

Who would have thought that the Rock could sing?

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