atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5841: Did it!

Got the kitchen ceiling painted!

I also got the supplies for fixing the wall; they cost me the princely sum of $21 with tax, including a 6" putty knife. I mean, damn: it seems as if construction supplies don't cost a lot unless you're buying enough to build an entire house. Which I'm not.

As always, prep took more time than the painting did. Washing and spackling and masking and sanding took more than an hour to accomplish. I taped plastic sheeting to the line of masking tape and then draped it to shield the counters and appliances from drips, then put down dropcloths on the floor.

The actual painting part took about twenty minutes.

Nice to behold: the place where the swag lamp's hook was, I mended invisibly, so you literally can't tell where it was. The ceiling looks nice.

Got new paint for the walls, as well, but that will wait until I've done the repairs to the dividing wall; then I'll paint the whole kitchen.

* * *

Have to give this a try for all those calls for "Roland".

* * *

Legendary sword found by little girl. Er, movie prop, probably.

* * *

Started this post last night. Got interrupted by dinner, forgot all about it. On to today's post.

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