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#5851: Fried chicken and Aliens

Mrs. Fungus, having watched Alien: Covenant, decided she wanted to see all the Alien movies. Monday we watched Alien and last night we watched Aliens which is, to my way of thinking, the best example of all the movies from the franchise.

She wants to see Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection too, sadly. I hated A3 enough that I never bothered with AR, because IMHO at that point the story had gone off the rails. And the most recent two movies, even though they were directed by Ridley Scott, were similarly unpalatable to me.

Anyway I worked myself into a lather getting the front hall painted; it took me at least 90 minutes to edge and paint, and at that I didn't finish because I realized I hadn't preplanned how to deal with the banister by the stairs. Ultimately I decided to paint as far down that wall as I could, then pick up painting tomorrow (today) with edging around the banister and doing the rest of it. But there is so much woodwork in the front hall, so many angles and edges and corners, masking alone took a day and by the time I'd finished edging my right hand was aching.

When I knocked off for the evening I was done. But Mrs. Fungus wanted fried chicken for dinner, so I went to get it.

But Mrs. Fungus pronounced the paint job good. There are a few spots I need to touch up--nothing serious--and I can do them before I finish the stairwell. Once the stairwell is painted I'll put up the new light fixtures, and the front hall will look like a million bucks. ("No! Seven hundred and fifty thousand, and I am robbing myself!")

* * *

Stay classy, leftists. This is why you've got Trump, asshats.

* * *

This would not surprise me at all. Karl Denninger looks over the weather data for Irma, and the damage left in its wake, and concludes that the storm could not have been even a category 3 storm. Further, at the time the eye passed over Naples, it wasn't even a hurricane any longer; the air pressure in the eye was too high and the winds too low.

Mobile homes were only damaged by the winds. Mobile homes are destroyed by category 2 storms; if Irma had actually been category 3, "manufactured home communities" would be wastelands of kindling, and apparently they are not.

"What motive could the weather services possibly have for lying about this?"

Global warming sez hurricanes become more common and more destructive as the Earth warms. There hasn't been a major hurricane making landfall in the US for some time. Exaggerating the strength of the hurricanes that do helps "prove" man-made global warming is real.

* * *

There really isn't much room left for new users in the cellphone market. The iPhone has just about reached the point where the market for it is saturated, and new sales will only come from people upgrading.

They skipped the iPhone 9, of course, because it seems like the entire technological industry has a problem with that number. Right to 10, and off we go. (Oh, no, not 10 but X don't you know.)

The problem is--for Apple--that the iPhone 6, 7, 8, 10 are all incremental improvements over previous generations. There's nothing groundbreaking about the iPhone 10; "better screen" and "better camera" and "facial recognition" are all well and good, but none of the improvements make it a must-have, especially not at its $1,000 price point.

Over the past decade Apple has counted on being a technology leader: doing something new (or, more frequently, doing something someone else is doing, but streamlining it and making it "cool") and producing the hardware that people want to do that something on. Playing MP3 files was the domain of computers, or expensive disk-based players, until Apple came up with the iPod, for example.

But you can't do that ad infinitum. Steve Jobs drove Apple's success, but he died--no one lives forever--and if a corporation is that dependent on one man, that corporation is doomed. Jobs' return to Apple in the late 1990s is what saved the corporation from extinction, but Jobs is not going to return now. Apple needs another person with Jobs' vision, and people like that are in short supply.

A thousand dollars for a phone. Shit.

* * *

Not mentioned here is the fact that the foreign workers work for less than Americans do. The elites love having a nanny for their kids and a housekeeper and a landscaper, but they don't want to pay Americans to do that work because Oh that costs too much, so they support open borders in order to get cheap labor.
The Cloud People think smoke stacks and industrial parks are ugly. They think office parks are ugly, which is why they are building their compounds to look like the college campus or the lair of a super villain. Logically, they just assume that getting rid of these hideous eyesores is what everyone wants. The fact that it results in the white working class falling to pieces goes unnoticed.
Well, of course, the economy is just fine. Why, Herbert just got promoted to regional vice-president and got a raise because of all the money his cost-cutting program saved! We're going to move to Uppercrustyland, since this house is nearly nine years old. I do hope that Guadalupe can continue to clean for us--she does such a lovely job--but there are no bus routes near where our new home will be built. The cleaning service that does cover that area, have you seen what they charge?


* * *

Last night, after dinner and the movie, Mrs. Fungus went to bed. I stayed up for a bit, intending to get to bed after taking care of a few small matters (such as putting away the leftovers etc) when I was struck with a very intense bout of nausea, bordering on cramps, that kept me awake until almost 3 AM. And then the same malady woke me up after a scant 90 minutes of sleep and I spent another hour or so feeling poorly. I had a light snack and it went away.

Practical upshot: I feel like crud. *sigh*

Still: today's task is to complete yesterday's task. I'd better get moving on it.

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